Motivating Students to Learn

Motivating Students to Learn
Motivating Students to Learn

Motivation can be the key factor in the success of many students at every stage of their life; whether it be their education, or getting into a good college, everything requires motivation.
Motivation can be either intrinsic (internal) or extrinsic (external), both having a major role in encouraging the students in learning. The internal sources can be when the student is motivated by himself, whereas the external source is through teachers, parents etc. in order to seek knowledge and information. It is really a difficult task to keep pushing the students to learn effectively and excel in their examination. The internal sources are somewhat dependent on the external sources for motivating students.
So, here are some of the extrinsic factors that can be really effective in revamping the knowledge and making students motivated to learn:

(i) Seek Feedback: From time-to-time, students can be asked for their feedback by putting out the survey, asking them about the level of learning in classes. Also providing additional benefits like a friendly environment, the condition of the classroom, etc. will be helpful for an interactive session and motivate students to learn the subject better.

(ii) Be Unbiased: For teachers, it is really crucial to treat everyone equally, regardless of their age, race, belief, sexual orientation, cultural beliefs and ability level. To motivate every student, they should treat them equally. For example, if the teacher asks a question on Laplace transform, the student who solves the question first gets favoured by the teacher; and if another student solves questions on electricity faster, then, the physics teacher would be biased for him. Students will feel intrinsically motivated when they feel respected by teachers that can help them to work hard and excel in an examination.

(iii) Encourage Students: It is important for the teachers and parents to encourage and motivate students for all their work and efforts, otherwise, their efforts will go in vain without giving any fruitful results. Students should be encouraged for each and every effort to preserve their good work.

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(iv) Create a friendly environment: It is a well-known fact that people can share more information where they feel comfortable with one another, and what can be a better environment for learning if they get an encouraging and friendly one. Therefore by creating a safe and supportive environment, students are more likely to understand and grasp the concepts easily.

(v) Encourage group work: It is also important to create and support opportunities to collaborate with other students. This creates a high level of engagement for students to understand and motivate them in their studies. Through group work, students can teach one another in a better way. Such as if one student has a better knowledge on solving questions on Real number, while other is good in Permutation & Combination, then they can share the information, such that everyone can have a better conceptual knowledge for both the topics. This helps in motivating students for the subject.

All these techniques are helpful in motivating students to learn the subject in a better way.
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