Must Have – Handy tools for Web Design and Development [Technology]

Musthave- Handy Tool for Web Developers [Technology]
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Musthave- Handy Tool for Web Developers [Technology]

Building and maintaining a website: Looks easy outside but executing needs experience, up-to-date knowledge and a touch of creativity. Three major process are involved in building and maintaining a website.

Website Design

Development and Testing

Hosting the website

Website Design mainly focuses on the development of front-end part (client side) of a website. This mainly involves the UI (user interface) which includes the website’s overall outlook, user interface design, individual page designs, standardized code and user accessibility to the website content.Various Web design company employ the above process and skills to develop website based on client requirements

With the completion of front-end developments, developers work on back-end operations that include generating content for website, client-side/server-side interactions, network security and e-commerce. Once developed the feasibility, stability and security of the website will to be tested.

Once developed and tested, the website should be hosted via web hosting service to make it accessible to the public via the World Wide Web (WWW). The list of software/tools mentioned below will assist web developers in designing/developing/hosting and maintaining a website.

Webdesign - Handy tool for web developers


Allow coding your PSD (Photoshop design) file. The program doesn’t automatically convert the files into a codable one rather it provides wide range tools to design and develop the pages the way you prefer. Avocode eliminates the need of Photoshop, provides accurate dimensional measurements for building layouts, allows sharing designs and generates CSS code for various objects in your design.


Software exclusively developed for UI (User Interface) development, Antetype provides an extensive array of tools to build responsive UI’s for website and mobile applications. The software could be used among various platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. The only flipside being the software allows only building prototypes not release files.


Want to build user responsive pages without ever needing to code; Macaw is your go-to software. Macaw provides various responsive designs and works great across all devices and platforms. The software offers How-to videos containing simple tips about Macaw’s features and how to utilize them. The auto-generated code is structured and uncomplicated making code based design updates easier.



Webflow doesn’t restrict itself with creating prototypes additionally it allows in converting them into production files for publishing. Like all other design software it allows creation of elements only with drag and drop option thereby reducing your chances of customizing those elements beyond a limit. Though Webflow offers code free development, developers need to have a basic understanding of web designs and coding in order to utilize the tool’s functionalities.


Utilize Google Translate to create content based on source of traffic generated/ language selected. Google translate converts your data to more than 100 languages from Arabic to Zulu. You can display the text “Web Design Company” for English based users, “شركة تصميم مواقع انترنت” for Arabic based users, “Diseño Web de la empresa” in Spanish and so on.

Webdevelopment - Handy tool for web developers


Converse allows integrating chat application to your website using XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). It provides interface for single-user chats and multi-user chat rooms, built-in and custom based chat status. Converse also offers messages to be translated into 16 languages and also could be integrated in various web platforms such as WordPress, Roundcube, Plone and Friendica.


This software provides framework to building your own customized social networking site. Equipped with a user friendly interface, HumHub provides variety of tools that makes communication and social interactions easier. Being open source existing functionalities could be updated employing your own codes or third party tools.


With a simple user interface, BugMuncher captures all the errors occurring in your website. From JavaScript issues to usability errors, the software captures all the details needed from browser, OS, plug-ins and path travelled inside the site. Moreover it also provides annotated screenshots in its overall feedback. The software is compatible with desktop, smartphones and tablets.


Uptime robot monitors and keeps track of your website performance. The software checks almost every 5 minutes, creates an extensive report featuring HTTP access, pings, port type and keywords searched.  Aside from reports, the uptime, downtime and response times of the website could be viewed and alert notifications are sent via e-mail, Twitter, push, Slack and HipChat.

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Trouble finding codes related to a specific web issue, page customizations or script updates? Snipplr could answer your woes. The website is a database to thousands of code snippets where you could store and organize random bits of your code; access other user’s code files.


Use W3C’s (World Wide Web Consortium) validator to check your validity of markups (HTML, XHTML, SHTML) in your web documents. Besides markups, other contents such as CSS, RSS/Atom Feeds, detect broken links and MobileOK content could also be validated. Though these validations have less effects on SEO, it essential for browser compatibility and site usability.


A cloud based software that allows developers to check your page compatibility and layout across various desktop platforms and mobile phones without need of actual devices, simulators or virtual machines. Besides live testing, browerstack could also be employed for testing internal websites and websites under development.

WebHosting- Handy Tool for web developers

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Test your JavaScript based codes using this open source testing framework. Working on the concept of behavior driven framework, Jasmine runs on any JavaScript based platform though it doesn’t interfere with website working or applications. With an easy to read syntax, Jasmine does not rely on DOM, browsers or markups.


Fiddler is a web debugging proxy tool that basically keeps track of all the traffic between internet and your website. It logs and inspects all the incoming traffics and provides options to filter and block traffic from unwanted and malicious IP Addresses. Fiddler also allows viewing the total page weight, flags performance bottlenecks and simulates HTTP compression.


This Tool, a browser extension provides you with a list of web development tools at your disposal. Firebug allows live inspecting, monitoring, editing any websites HTML, CSS, DOM, Javascipt and XHR files. Aside from the above functionalities, Firebug could be employed for web security testing and website performance monitoring. Debugging SWF files could be done using Flash Firebug, a paid extension of Firebug.

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A web detection service that identifies similar text content present in web. Copyscape is used by content publishers to detect content thefts where their content is remade and sold as fresh content. Utilizing Google Web API, copyscape employs various set of algorithms to detect content stealing.



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