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The recent torrential rainfall and flooding in Chennai during the past week has left a scar in the residents of Chennai. During those troubled times there were a few sites and socially active bloggers who provided much needed vital information about the day to day weather conditions to the panic stricken people. Below are the list of sites and social bloggers that forecast accurate weather conditions.

Note: Certain sites are restricted to limited geographical areas(eg: India, China, Chennai etc.).



AccuWeather provides accurate hourly and day to day forecast for various cities across the world. Besides it also provides satellite maps and latest news and trends about the weather conditions prevailing.

AccuWeather Desktop website

Reach AccuWeather via Website , via Twitter @breakingweather, via Facebook



BBC Weather provides detailed information about the weather patterns existing across the globe. It very accurately predicted the recent downpours in Chennai and in Cumbria that led to large scale flooding in those areas.

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BBC Weather Twitter Site

Reach BBC Weather via Website,  via Twitter @bbcweather



The weather forecasting site provides detailed information about the weather forecast in Indian cities and towns. Similar to accuweather it uses the satellite information from Indian satellites INSAT and METEOSAT on forecasting conditions.

Skymetweather desktop site

Reach SkyMetWeather via Website, via Twitter @SkymetWeather, via Facebook Skymet-Weather



Keaweather provides detailed information about the weather conditions in Chennai and its suburbs. Pradeep John their chief blogger whose Tweets and Facebook posts were the major source of weather information during the flooding of Chennai (December 1 -5).

KeaWeather Website

Reach KeaWeather via Website

Reach Pradeep John via Twitter @Praddy06  and via Facebook TamilNaduWeatherman

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