Must needed Apps for Marketing – 2018 Technology Trends

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Trend Technology

To run successful business two things are needed to consider to speeding away on market among the competitors. The productivity of the business is depending on the marketing strategy which helps you to connect, engage with regular or new customers and it is the greatest opportunity to stay live with targeted audiences for better revenues. Originality, simplicity, and efficiency are the three mantras in the marketing to achieve your goals in business. The best example is Apple iPhone, the configuration of iPhone is very less compared to other mobile devices but the brand built on it is unmatchable. The efficiency and marketing strategies of the products are very important for all the business.

The digital era of the modern world is the biggest boom in marketing industries. The android technology is the most useful for everyone in this current modern trend. Everyone having a smartphone in hand and the operations are so easy by just installing the required android apps from play store. Some Android apps are free of cost and some pro versions are paid. Entrepreneurs and businessman are recommended various android business apps to promote individual business on different social media platforms. The people can easily grab your business goals through android apps and you can gain more traffic to your website too.


Some of the effective android apps to be listed for the new business which helps you to improve business in a long run. For example, if you have the plan to start poster printing in Sivakasi then it is mandatory to develop an android app where you can list out the design easily and make the people order from smartphone itself. Let’s see some important apps for marketing which are going to trend in 2018.


LinkedIn is the popular social media platform where each and every entrepreneur are connected to the same network by sharing useful information about their company or common information about current technology. A lot of business owners will be active on LinkedIn always which helps you to connect and share and it benefits your business in a long run.


The twitter is another most important social media for the entrepreneurs to reach out the customers easily with help of hashtags. Tweetbot let you organize and interact with your twitter stream and it enhances the productivity of your business. You can connect with the customers directly from this app by posting a tweet, respond to a tweet, also you can reply directly from the app.

Facebook Page Manager:

Facebook will keep on trending each and every business in day to day life. The business owners must open a business page on Facebook to build their brand identity. The Facebook page manager app helps you to control business page from smartphone itself. You can post the images, sending a reply to the messages and able to see complete reports on your business page.


Dropbox helps you to access your important files from anywhere also you can share with your team members at any time. It is the better storage place of your business details, business logo, images and other information in a secure way.


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