My College Colourful Life – Episode-1

My College Colourful Life - Episode-1 1
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“Happy Reading Surfolks”

This is my first story about my college life…
Not only my college life it is also the starting of my “Love Life”.

This year (2012) is going to be a great turning point in my “Love Life”.
Here the Story Starts…

The day which is end of my enjoyable, innocent, joys of school life 🙂 was very bad to get separated from our friends; I didn’t even planned anything about my future or didn’t had any further plans. But my parents were talking bla bla about my future. They were taking decisions seriously like mom was very eager to see me as a doctor but my dad desire is to make his daughter as an Engineer since he is also an Engineer. They both were arguing each other all the time in getting succeed their own desires, but I was interested to get into any good engineering college because many were telling that it would take nearly 7 years to become a doctor. I didn’t tell my desire to my parents since I didn’t want to interrupt their arguments and also because I was enjoying my life as if I was in heaven.

Days passed by, one day I felt bit shock hearing that +2 results were going to be declared within 2 days. I couldn’t enjoy and eat well even my mom cooked delicious tasty yummy food in home :). One day passed somewhat okay not too well. The next day morning I got up soon unusually and went to temple and was sitting like a very silent girl. Results came off by 10’o clock… after coming to know my results half of my pressure went down. Somehow managed, both (Mom and Dad) again started their arguments regarding my further studies…

Finally their arguments came to an end, I got seat and joined Engineering college as my and dad’s wish :).

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My colorful college life starts… (To be continued) 

The Next episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode-2.

My College Colourful Life – Episode 1

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