My College Colourful Life – Episode 10

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“Wow!!!!!!!!! How wonderful to hear leaving Jail though we are not prisoners we are under some control that itself would be like Jail for all youngsters like us rite!!!!!!”
Let’s wait and see what’s going to happen next in My Colorful Life……………

The Day for our Industrial Visit came. All our friends in hostel got up by 4’o clock itself and started to get ready because our college bus will start from the College campus by 5.30 am….. We all came outside the hostel with our iPods, mobiles and Snacks in our Back bag. We girls surprised to see our class boys already reached the gathering spot. Me and Jerri were talking to each other in sign language, because for avoiding comments from our friends.
College bus arrived exactly at the time. We all got into the bus. Girls were sitting in the front; boys went and sat at the back side. We all were silent till we crossed the college campus. When we reached the entrance gate we all shouted in chorus “Ohhooooooooooooo we are free now”. Then we went to pick all days scholars in their corresponding places.

Finally we all gathered in Tambaram. The Sad thing is we were arranged 2 buses one bus for girls and another for boys because the class strength was about 75 people. I and Jerri were in different buses. We enjoyed a lot with our friends by playing songs, dancing, singing and also racing for both boys and girls buses. We reached
Neyveli by 11.30 am then we visited the mines and went for lunch to a nearby hotel. We met Divya’s parents and had chat with them, then had snacks nicely and bid good bye to Neyveli. We started our return journey.

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We all were tired so the energy level reduced, we just played anthakshari and racing for 2 buses. At last both buses reached Tambaram by 8:00 pm we all separated in both buses, hostellers in one bus and days scholars in one bus. Yesssssssssss, Me and Jerri again united. I signaled Jerri to sit at the back seat next to me. We both were sitting in the window seat in the two seats which were one behind other.

All were mostly sleeping; some them were hearing songs… I and Jerri were in our own world speaking softly without disturbing others and also without gaining attention from anyone. Jerri asked me some questions like “what are your likes and dislikes, etc…”

He asked me to give my hand… I was laughing and gave him my hand near the window. He was holding my hand tightly and told let this journey continue till my death………….

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My College Colourful Life – Episode 10
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