My College Colourful Life – Episode 12

My College Colourful Life – Episode 12 1
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Let us wait and see what happened??? How would be the exam??? and what about the results??? Whether it would create problem in love life between me and Jerri?????

We all started studying seriously for our exams during our study holidays. Since we were 1st year students we didn’t go home for study leave, we all girls planned to stay and study in our hostel itself; obviously boys were enjoying their study holidays without knowing the seriousness of the university exams…During study hours and all we could see the exam tension in everybody’s face including ours… Study Holidays passed very fast like a super fast express train.

Exam day came. All students were asked to sit and study in the exam hall corridor. During that time also, we were studying sincerely without any disturbances… But some boys were teasing everyone even without having book in their hands. I called Jerri, Bala, Ashwin and Lakshmi Narayanan to just tell them the key points and discuss the important questions with them since I guessed, they would have not prepared for the exams in hostel. So I asked them to study seriously at least for the last 2 hours. Unwillingly they all came and sat near me.

I started telling the key points for that day’s exam. They all started hearing keenly whatever points I told without distraction. Boys around us started to tease me with them, but I told them not to bother about those silly comments; just read I want u all to get good marks in exams. My friends too neglected those boys and grasped the key points. We all wrote the exam very well that day.
Same routine repeated throughout the exams, we all would sit together and read the key points for the last 2 hours from 7:45 am to 9:45 am. The last time preparations helped us a lot in the exams. Successfully we all completed our final exams with a little confidence that we all would pass… Then what??????????????????

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Semester holidays…

Great enjoyment… Everybody in hostel happily packed everything and started to move to their native places. But there was no enjoyment for me and Jerri. That was the first separation between us, after committed. We won’t see each other for 2 weeks. We two had very sad faces.

Jerri waited in front of the exam block. I told Divya to inform Jerri that I would come after 10 minutes. I went near Jerri, he was dull. Then he came near me… he was almost into my eyes and told “Ammu, Take care of yourself, Eat well in time, Enjoy your holidays, I will be always with you… MISS YOU DA”

But we managed to spend our holidays with our family. I went for a tour with my family to hill stations that made me to manage the pain without presence of Jerri.

I didn’t have mobile too in my 1st year college. So I can’t even message or call him. I know he would also be longing like me. I and Jerri were longing for college re-opening day.
At last the reopening day came as our wish but????????????????????????????????????? Another thing too happened in our college during the semester holidays against our wish. The first bad news we heard after entering our college campus was that our class sections had been splitted from 2 sections to 3 sections (i.e. from ECE-A and ECE-B to ECE-A, B, and C.)

Members were equally divided into 46 members in each class. I was the last member among the 46 members in ECE ‘A’ section, so I was very unlucky and left my Jerri in ECE ‘B’ section. Me, Divya, Gowthami, Bala, S.R Ashwin and Lakshmi (Narayanan) were in same class (ECE A). Jerri, Karthi, and Jeni were in one class (ECE B). Think about my situation I had no words to express my situation. I was very depressed. The college management had split the class for their benefits. They planned to take more number of students for the upcoming academic year. But why the Hell, they played in my life. I thought of killing that Villan, who made that plan.

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Jerri was even more depressed. He didn’t even face me when I went to meet him in his class. We both were like in the entrance of hell. We started loving a month before only, but god had separated us. Then Jerri consoled me, he told everything happened was for good cause only. No other way I have to accept this situation. We both didn’t have the mind to concentrate in our 2nd semester classes. I was fully thinking about Jerri and he too did the same in the class hours.

We were not able to see each other most of the time. The only time we saw each other was during the break and the lunch hour. Our situation was too worse. In break time too, we had to pretend to be friends in front of everyone otherwise it would create many problems, so we would just talk casually for few minutes and I would go to my class half-hearted. I don’t know “Why God created such a worse situation to me and my Jerri??????????????”…
I thought of changing the class too but “What reason I would give to my HOD, class friends and staffs”, so I left my thought. For few days I found no enjoyment in my life, I didn’t even eat and sleep properly. The next day Jerri gave one letter to me during the lunch hour; I took it and read in privacy.

Letter Started with
Dear Harshu…..
I can’t able to bear the pain without your presence near me. I don’t know what I will do. I am not able to concentrate in class. From morning till evening my full concentration was on you only dear. I was feeling alone da. I am not able to talk jovially with anyone. I was fully occupied with your thought da. I have planned to get mobile for you. We would talk with each other after college hours. Please keep the mobile safely without the knowledge of your hostel warden. Please be careful when u r using your mobile. I would get u one bulb holder too please use that to charge your mobile phone. See u after lunch

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With loads of affection and care,

I was in cloud nine I could spend more time with my Jerri, if I got mobile phone…. But the thing was I have to use it carefully.

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