My College Colourful Life – Episode-2

My College Colourful Life - Episode-2 1
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The previous episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode-1.

Finally I get joined in Engineering college as my dad’s wish…


My colorful college life starts.

My college going to start on 5thSep. Me and my parents reached my college by 4thSep evening to accommodatemyself in my college hostel.

I was very eager because how a college life is going to be. I have seen many movies that all will enjoy their college life without studying.

After entering into campus there were many worrying and crying faces because all students crying were new joiners of college and hostel (away from home) almost it was like first day in kindergarten.

Many Parents were talking to their daughters in front of Ladies hostel; many parents started moving to their home saying good bye for their daughters.

Onseeing those incidents my heart started to ache that I am going to be left in this hostel all alone away from my parents for four years because that was the first time for me also.My heart started to cry but I didn’t show my feelings to my parents because if I cry they will also start crying and I should not spoil their happiness. I don’t know on that day (Sep 4) that “Colorful Rainbow is waiting for me as college life”.

I entered my Hostel room after saying Good Bye to my parents. They left me all alone there.My Room Number is 456. After entering in to my room I met my new roommates Jeni, Karthi, Divya and Gowthami.

In the beginning we were hesitating to talk with each other. Then we all became very good friends on that same day itself.

Sep 5

First day of my college.. We all got ready from hostel and went to college. Luckily all my roommates and I were in same class ECE-‘A’ section. Our Class strength is nearly 60 in those about 24 girls and remaining 36 boys.

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First Day in college. All Staffs just came and asked us to introduce ourselves to our classmates and we all introduced each other in front of the whole class.

I and my classmate Aishwarya studied in Summadh girl’s school in +1 and +2.  In our college that too in my class there were two guys named Jerrivanan and Mukilan, they too studied in same school in +1 and +2 but we never met each other because they studied in Summadh Boy’s School, which is about 1km ahead from our girls school campus and there were many Days Scholars and less amount of Hostellers in our class.

That’s a Brief introduction about our class.We all interacted within our hostel mates by sharing our native place, where we studied and bla bla… Initially we didn’t get much closer to Days Scholar girls as we are seeing them for the first time in college but as time passed, we all become like one Gang within girls. Boys there were on their own track. In our college we use to sit in order first 2 rows girls and from third to last row will be occupied by Boys.

In the afternoon there was Teacher’s Day (Sep 5) celebration conducted by our seniors so we all went to auditorium and celebrated our teacher’s day and also enjoyed our first (Fresher’s) day.

First day went well… from the next day onwards we were bored by our lecturer’s teaching.

To be continued…

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My College Colourful Life – Episode-2

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