My College Colourful Life – Episode-3

My College Colourful Life Episode Featured
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The previous episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode-2.

First day went well from the next day onwards we were bored by our lecturer’s teaching.

Our college is meant for tasty food. This is one of the reasons, many students joined in our college, but it is very very strict too. Girls and boys shouldn’t mingle with each other. If both (boys and girls) speak to each other, our BLOCKY (Block in charge) will catch us and give punishment.

And the sad thing is “NO MOBILES” allowed either in campus and hostel. In spite of this some bring mobile to hostel, when there is a ride for mobiles they used some techniques to hide it.

I, Divya, Karthi sat in the 2nd row. Antony, Kaushik, Karthick sat in 3rd row, as boy’s row starts from there. They are very intelligent guys, so they will answer all the questions. They became pet to all the Staffs, so they started teaching by seeing those guys at out back desk.

Because of them we lost our sweet sleep, chatting during the class hours. Our Enjoyment was over  .We are waiting for a good time. In my class some CHATTER BOX BOYS were also there. But they sat in another corner of the class making noise, commenting others and enjoying each and every class.

One fine day, our Physics mam interchanged some of the boy’s places in order to control the class commotion. So the gang at our back desk went to the other side and some of the Chatter Boys came and sat in our next row behind us.
RJ Mervyn, Jerrivanan, S.R.Aswin these are the boys who sat behind us. As usual they will pass comments and laugh at others. We will also laugh silently within us as if we were not aware of their comments. The first boy who became friend to us was Mervyn. We will chat with him even during the class hours too.

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After some days passed Jerri (Jerrivanan) also started talking with us. Though I and Jerri studied in same school we didn’t know each other in school, because the school was same but the roof was different for girls and boys.
So full time talking, playing (finding film names) in classroom. All the teachers will scold us for disturbing the class. So we thought for a new plan.

We wrote messages in small chits (Paper) and Divya will pass the chits to our friends. She was expert in passing chits without the knowledge of our staffs. We five became close to each other. Daily we will share all the comedies whatever happened in class to our hostel friends. And they too share all their funs with us.
Days passed like this, we forgot a big thing… YAAAAAA that’s our Model Exam!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD. We have to get minimum of 50 otherwise internals will get reduced 🙂

If we flung that’s it. Retest, OBT (OPEN BOOK TEST) means we have to write the full question paper, without choice, by seeing books, on the same day of our exams wasting the whole day, without studying for next day exam. For this, all the staffs will come around the exam hall in the last half an hour like Eagle to snatch our ID card.
Pathetic Situation Na… 🙁

So whatever Happens we have to score Good Marks…..Finally 1st Model Exams Got Over. We started our work again…??????????? Same CHATTING, PLAYING, TEASING girls with Guys & vice versa… 🙂 without having an idea to study 🙂

Even in study hours in hostel (6-8 pm) we won’t study. We will have snacks sharp at 4’o clock in hostel and will sleep nicely till 5.45 pm. They will cut the power in hostel sharply at 5.50 pm to make us assemble in the study hour classes even without taking book we rush to the respective class not for studying but to continue our sleeping.

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In Study hour, we will sincerely play Dumb-C, discussing about actor and actress, upcoming movies, bla bla…

We all will be reading before the exams alone like all other college students. But we will get abscond from OBT and get good marks.

Everything was going fine.

After 5 months of Enjoyment there was a storm in my College Life that storm has turned my life upside down.

To be continued…

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My College Colourful Life Episode 3
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