My College Colourful Life – Episode-4

My College Colourful Life - Episode-4
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The previous episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode-3.

After 5 months of Enjoyment there was a storm in my College Life. That storm has turned my life upside down.

Our Lab in charge RAMAKRISHNAN was very strict officer. We have to be perfect in everything in his class like completing records, submitting record etc. Jerri didn’t complete his record, he asked me to come early to the class to complete his record. So for helping him I went to college early on that day.

I don’t know, unexpected thing was going to happen. When I entered the class he was sitting on his bench. Usually he will be fun and enthusiastic. He will never shut his mouth not even for a minute. But he was very quite he just gave a single word reply for everything. I asked what happened but he didn’t reply properly.

First period got over still he was silent. I was not able to concentrate in listening class, was thinking about reason behind his silence. So we made many comedies to bring him normal, we passed chits, still no change. At last he called Divya and gave chits to her; with one condition DON’T SHOW THE CHITS TO ME (MYSELF). After reading that chit Divya started to laugh like anything. I don’t know for what reason she was laughing.

I asked what happened but she not even cared my words and was busy in writing reply to him. I got irritated because of her unusual behavior. I tried to take chit from her hand; she told harshly “IT’S NOT FOR YOU”. I got frustrated and felt like moving from my place.


Immediately I went to the wash room without waiting for Divya. I don’t know why I felt like that. My eyes filled with tears. I felt something strange. I never met a situation like that in my life.
Break time got over. It’s time to go back to class. But I don’t want to go. With hesitation I entered the class. It’s a free hour. No staff in class so everyone was busy in chatting. On seeing me Divya exclaimed “Hey where you went I was searching for you?” I neglected her. I went and sat in my place silently. Without waiting for my reply, she started writing and passing chits to Jerri. I lied down on my table and started scribbling in my note.

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I decided not to go for lunch. Everybody went except me and Divya. Now Jerri became normal, while going for lunch he just gave a blank smile and left. I was confused with his reaction. It’s like Alice in Wonderland. Everything around me was a puzzle.

Divya compelled me to come for lunch. I told I am not feeling hungry. She told me if you come with me, after lunch I will show you the chits. Acting like I am not interested, I went for lunch. Unfortunately menu was Chicken Briyani, Chicken 65, and Fruit salad ice cream. It tempted me. My mind and stomach started to fight. My Mind said DON’T EAT. Stomach said EAT FIRST. Finally I decided to compromise my stomach first.

I made Divya to have lunch soon and rushed to our class to know the secret. We entered the class, no one was there. She slowly took all the chits and showed to me. I felt like fainting. I never expected such thing will happen.


The next episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode-5.

My College Colourful Life - Episode-4

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