My College Colourful Life – Episode 5

My College Colourful Life – Episode 5
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The previous episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode 4.

I made Divya to have lunch soon and rushed to our class to know the secret. We entered the class, no one was there. She slowly took all the chits and showed to me. I felt like fainting. I never expected such thing will happen. I started to read the chits.

Conversation in those chits:

Jerri : Divya I need to tell u something. I am in love with her (me). I don’t know
how to express her. If I tell her means, I don’t know what will happen. I
am in confused state. Tell me what to do ?

Divya : Jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri… What you are saying da. I can’t believe it.
Don’t play da. Jerri are you serious ?

Jerri : Hey I am serious only. Should I express to her or should I wait ?

Divya : No no wait da. We both haven’t talked about love or had a thought like
this before. So I don’t know how she will react. Shall I show her the
chits ?

Jerri : Nooooo plz. You know how fast my HEART BEATS for past 2 weeks I
am not able to concentrate in any work. I am behaving unusual da. I don’t
know whether I am doing right or wrong. Instead of breaking my head I
decided to tell. But I am afraid now, I don’t know “How to tell her”. I did
not even share this with my friends in hostel.

Divya : K let me first try to find what’s there in her mind. Then we will decide
what to do… k ?

Jerri : Hmmm… k fine.

Divya : What about your parents da ? Will they accept ?

Jerri : First she has to accept my Proposal. Then afterwards will see that da.

Divya : No da what I am saying means you have to think about everything. Its
life da. Not just a game.

Jerri : I believe in God. More than that I believe in my LOVE. I am having hope
da. Let’s see.

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Divya : K I will talk today with her during study hour. But you should accept
both positive and negative reply. You should not feel for it. K go and
have lunch. Bye.
……………..………………………………….? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

“What reaction should I give now? What I am feeling? What should I reply? How can I face Jerri? If I say no will he accept it? After that will he talk normal?“

These were the questions running in my mind. I can’t find whether I was happy, angry, sad, excited. But one thing confirmed. I became mad. Right now I can’t take any decision. I was in first year only. I was not having that many guts to love and all. I have to study, get good marks, and have to place in good company. I should make my parent’s dream to come true, no place for love till that.

But he was a good friend. I can’t hurt him. I don’t know how he had that feeling. I like him very much because his character is very much similar to my father’s still I can’t able to accept it. I was in my own world with lot of thinking in my mind. I was sitting absent-minded.

Suddenly someone called me. I can able to hear that somebody is calling me but I am not in a position to answer or respond to them. Somebody near me shook hardly to make me to come back to the present world. It’s Divya only. She gave me sign that mam was questioning me.

Mam made me to stand and started asking question from Electronic Circuit. I realized that time only that was in class. Everybody looked at me. I felt embarrassed. I don’t know what to do.

Oh my god. I prayed that, it must be a dream…

To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode 6.

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My College Colourful Life – Episode 5
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