My College Colourful Life – Episode 6

My College Colourful Life – Episode 6
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The previous episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode 5.

Mam made me to stand and started asking question from Electronic Circuit. I realized that time only that I was in class. Everybody looked at me. I felt embarrassed. I don’t know what to do.
Oh my god. I prayed that, it must be a dream.

But it wasn’t. Mam started scolding me. “ARE YOU DREAMING IN CLASS? For that only you were coming to college huh?”.
Whole class was silent. Tears filled my eyes. I was sensitive in nature, I can’t able to control my emotions. At that time Jerri called me in very low voice and told “Control yourself da. Be bold”.
After hearing that I got some confidence. I looked Divya’s notes and somehow managed the answer. Then mam warned me to listen the class and continued her lecture. After that also I was not able to concentrate. Physically present, mentally absent.

Divya consoled me and told me not to cry. I don’t know how 4 hours went. Time is exactly 3. Usually all days scholar had to go and catch bus within 10 minutes. Otherwise they would miss it. So they would rush by 2.55 pm itself to catch their respective area buses. Divya and me started to move towards our hostel, she knew that I was in deep thinking about that incident so she didn’t disturb me and we went in silence all the way to hostel. After reaching our room I lied down in bed, unknowingly I slept till study hour.

Then we rushed to classes for study hour, to forget the incident happened in class I started to involve myself in playing Dumb-C (a game which we should act and convey the movie name) with my friends. We played nicely for an hour, I almost forgot everything what had happened that day in class. Meanwhile Divya called me “Shall we go to drink water”. But I denied. Even after I denied she called me continuously so I understood that she wanted to talk something with me personally. Then I causally stood up from the bench and we both went outside the class and sat in stairs near our water cooler.

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Conversation between us:

Divya : Hey what was in ur mind. Why you were not listening the class properly?
Me : (Sitting silent without any reply)
Divya : Are you going to tell me anything or not?
Me : No Divya. I was just thinking about what Jerri told you today.
Divya : Hey don worry for that da. If you are Ok with his proposal means just say him “YES” or else just say him “NO”.
Me : After saying “NO” will he talk with me normally ah? I don’t want to lose a wonderful friend like him in my life.
Divya : You itself just think and say. You need not to answer immediately, take some time and tell your reply da. OK?
Me : Hmmm Ok da.
Divya : That’s good. Be yourself da. Be cheerful as always. That only suits you well.
Me : 🙂 OK.

After study hour we had dinner and slept well. Next day was fresh and good for me as usual. I went to class early to complete my assignment. When I entered the class, I saw Jerri sitting in his place doing assignment. I don’t want to disturb him. I went and sat in my place silently and started doing my assignment. All started to arrive since class going to start.

We went to computer lab and came back to class. Jerri called Divya and asked “Why she (me) is sitting silently without talking to anyone, usually she would greet me with Good Morning if she saw me in class while coming in morning but today it was not as usual”. Divya explained him the conversation took place between me and her yesterday in the study hour. Jerri sat in silence for some time and told “Divya, tell her to be normal. It wasn’t good if she was sitting idle like that”. Divya convinced “Everything would become normal soon. Don’t worry”. That time one guy came with some sheet in his hand inside our class. Our staff took that sheet and started to read “Your Model Exam Time Table as follows”

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After a week, our Model Exam starts.
Usually we all would start to study before the day of the exam. Likewise all started for preparing exam. I too tried but I can’t concentrate. I cried and was lonely all the time. All my friends came and asked “What happened? You was not normal, and got some change in your behavior” I told that some problems in my home. I don’t know whether they got convinced or not. Anyhow I made them to believe me.

All the time simply I kept the book opened and thinking about Jerri. What I am going to tell him. Should I accept his proposal or reject. God only should guide me 🙂

To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode 7.

My College Colourful Life – Episode 6

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