My College Colourful Life – Episode 7

My College Colourful Life – Episode 7
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The previous episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode 6.

All the time simply I kept the book opened and thinking about Jerri regarding what I am going to tell him. Should I accept his proposal or reject. God only should guide me.

Everybody was studying except me. My mind doesn’t allow me to study. I was upset. I would share all the things to my mom and dad. But, I felt hesitate to reveal that matter. I don’t know how they would react about it. Even I can’t able to share my feelings with my friends because I was scared that they would think anything bad about me. I decided to share my thoughts and feelings with God. So I started to write a letter.

Dear God,
You gave me good parents, good friends, good health. You guided me in all situations. You backed up me whenever I got fed up. You were with me when I was in trouble and when I was happy. Till now I faced all the obstacles in my life. But now I was distracted. I didn’t even study a single line for my model exam. How I gonna write the exams. Because of me, my parents should not suffer. Please help me to overcome this situation. I don’t know whether I love him or not. But I don’t want to lose him in my life. Whatever happens, give me courage to face the entire situation. Please show me the correct path.
Yours Loving Child

Then I felt somewhat relaxed after sharing my situation to god. Then I opened my book, started to study for exam but I can’t able to concentrate more than 15 minutes. My mind was not in a stable state to study properly.

Next Day. Model Exam.

Usually during the model exams I (me), Divya and Jerri will study together before going to the exam hall. But that day I don’t get courage to study together with them. So I sat idle in one corner and went into exam hall earlier itself because I know I didn’t even read a single page. So obviously I got OBT (Open Book Test). I didn’t even study for that model exam.

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My friends started to scold me “Why you were behaving odd these days. Not studying properly, failed in all exams. So on?” I don’t know how to convince them.

A week after, teachers distributed the exam papers. All staff knows that I was good scoring student, they didn’t scold me instead they asked me the reason. I told them that “I wasn’t feeling well so I can’t able to write the exam properly and I promised them I would do next exams properly”. They advised not to repeat again and take care of my health.

Our College Cultural was arriving a week ahead, so everyone was busy in doing decorations, and planned to conduct events like Mehandi, Monoacting, Singing, Dancing Competition, Collage etc. That changed my mind. So we all started to enjoy each and every event, almost I forgot everything happened and I was in my track of enjoyment. On the Cultural Day, we enjoyed the celebration and had a delightful feast during lunch. On that day in our college hostel after dinner i.e. 8:30 pm, they played movie in OPEN AIR THEATRE for both boys and girls together. Girls occupied one side of the open air theatre and other side was occupied by boys.

All were very much excited “What movie they going to play?” I was sitting with my group of friends. Boys started to shout “Operator start the movie soon” like that. My eyes were searching Jerri in that huge boys crowd. He wore specs with silver color frame. After a long search, I saw him standing with our class boys.

Tamil movie “Bheema” started. All settled in their places. Jerri and his friends occupied first row of chairs. I was sitting in the third row in girl’s side. I saw Jerri for a long time without my knowledge, my friends shouted for the introduction of “Vikram and Trisha” then only I realized and started to watch the movie. Side by side I watched Jerri too.


When I turned to the Theatre Screen I saw Trisha was doing the same what I was doing earlier “Trisha was sitting in theatre and watching Vikram and went for duet song in dreams” that was a coincident, from that minute the duet song for Vikram and Trisha was my favorite song too. The Duet song was “Mudhal Mazhai Ennai Nanaithadey” (First rain drenched me).

Movie was over. Everybody started to move to their rooms. Divya called me, but I lied Senior called me to her room, as she was alone in her room and went to the balcony. It was a full moon day. Very clear sky. Chill breeze. Climate was too good. It made my mind to relax. My heart was beating like anything and I felt, it would come out. If that situation continued means, surely I would become mental. I decided to put full stop for my confusion.
So… ?
The next day Feb 18 I decided to accept his (Jerri) proposal!. I was enthusiastic and full of energy. Went to class early, I told Divya about my decision. She was happy too. I took one paper from my notebook and wrote only one line in that “Mudhal Mazhai Ennaiyum Nanaithadhu” (I too drenched by your love rain).

To be continued…

The next episode of this story is here, My College Colourful Life – Episode 8.

My College Colourful Life – Episode 7

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