Naan E Movie Review – Scientific Entertainer

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Naan EE – a revenge of a very tiny insect EE..!!

Casting Nani, Samantha, Sudeepthi and Santhanam, it is a perfect entertainment for people of all ages.

The very opening of the movie excites the audience and never fails to put a smile in everyone’s lips. Villain Sudeep’s introduction scene adds to thriller part of the flick. Even though Nani dies in the first quarter itself, director has well managed to maintain the crispness of the story till the end.


Naan E Scientific Entertainer

Photo Credit: raapidtamil

Real Hero of the film is VFX team…!!!. They have Really put in a lot of efforts. Especially when EE flies carrying a bag, thinks to plot down the villain their work is brilliant evident.

The background music perfectly matches with the screenplay. Samantha has neatly executed her task. Special credits should be given to editing and screenplay. Every move of “EE” against Sudeep is completely entertaining and scores in logic also. The communication between “EE” and Samantha feels good to see. The climax-knot and re-entry of “EE” shows Director Rajamouli’s excellence.

Naan EE is a complete package of entertainment, romance and revenge!! A must watch family flick!


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