NAZA Bikes Price List – Malaysia 2015

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NAZA Bikes Price List - Malaysia 2015
NAZA Bikes Price List – Malaysia 2015

Find the Price list of NAZA Bikes in Malaysia below.

NAZA CRUISE 650i 2015 Price: RM 22300

NAZA Cruise 650 2014 Price: RM 22300

NAZA CRUISE 250i 2015 Price: RM 13299

NAZA Cruise 250 2014 Price: RM 13299

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NAZA BLADE 650R SE 2015 Price: RM 24586

NAZA BLADE 650R 2015 Price: RM 21586

NAZA Blade 650R 2014 Price: RM 21586

NAZA blade 650N 2014 Price: RM 19980

NAZA BLADE 250RSE 2015 Price: RM 16799

NAZA BLADE 250N 2015 Price: RM 14399

NAZA 250GTR (BLADE) 2014 Price: RM 14399

NAZA 250GTR (BLADE) 2012 Price: RM 10800

NAZA 250GTR (BLADE) 2011 Price: RM 9800

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