New Beast – Thunderbird 500CC Royal Enfield

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Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500CC
Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500CC

Thunderbird 500, New Beast on Street by Royal Enfield. This was showcased in the Auto Expo 2012 by Royal Enfield. It has been revealed, that the bike will be launched in some weeks.

Thunderbird 500 is one of he most expected model from Royal Enfield.The Thunderbird has good reputation among the touring enthusiasts and bike riders. Driving Thunderbird makes you feel very comfortable and like being the lord of the road.


  • It now comes loaded with a 500cc Unit Construction Engine (UCE).
  • It comes with a 55w projector lamp for its low beam and a 55W halogen bulb for the high beam.
  • The seat has been completely redesigned to suit the new foot pegs position.
  • The handle bar has been changed for better reach and ergonomics.
  • Stopping power has been aided with the addition of a disc brake at the rear.
  • Matte black finished engine.
  • Separately mounted pillion seat can be removed to accommodate luggage.
  • Bungee hooks are provided to strap up that extra luggage during those long rides.
  • LED Tail lamp has been included, unlike the earlier round shaped tail lamp.
  • The trip meter is now digital.


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