Newborn Baby Care- Checklist to Learn as a New Parent

newborn checklist
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newborn checklist

Having a child either by birth or by adoption can be one of the most exciting and meaningful things you do in your life. During the nine months of pregnancy, we usually suffered from mood, cravings, health issues, swings and a lot. At the same time, excitement was even more and we usually start buying baby clothes, toys, strollers and more.  As the months passed by our excitement and nervousness will grow. To fight against this nervousness, there should be trust and support between each couple.

So, finally, your baby has arrived! We will experience the sleepless nights and exhausting for long days after baby’s arrival, still, it is one of the most wonderful experiences of our life. Anyway, we want to thoroughly enjoy this new phase and starts welcoming our new baby with a bundle of joy and caring heart. It’s time to make sure you’re not forgetting a single milestone moment. Follow this developmental checklist so you don’t miss a thing.

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Feed Your Baby On Time

This seems to be regular, but it is first and foremost responsibility for new parents to feed your little ones on time. It is advisable to be fed for every 2-3 hours as he/she needs enough milk to sustain healthy growth. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula-feeding you have to analyze whether your baby is getting enough milk.

Change Diaper Frequently

Generally, there are two kinds of diapers for babies such as reusable cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Select the best one out of your choice, and make sure to have a sufficient supply of diapers/nappies. Dirty and wet diaper makes the baby uncomfortable, so make sure to change the diapers around 10 times a day or even more.

Further, you would need a clean diaper/nappy, rash cream (if the baby has diaper rashes), clean washcloth, wet diaper wipes or cotton balls and a container of warm water.

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Give your baby a sponge bath

During the first two or three weeks, you’d need to carefully give your baby a sponge bath only. Once their umbilical cord falls off, you can start making his/her bath two or three times a week. When you start giving your baby a proper bath, it might be a little scary in the beginning to handle a wet and slippery baby. You can get your partner to help you out. One person needs to hold a baby, while the other is giving a bath. Keep on doing and sure you and your baby will get used to bath and start to enjoy. Before taking a bath, ensure to have the following,

  • Bucket of lukewarm water or Infant’s bathtub
  • A soft and clean washcloth
  • Mild baby soap, shampoo, baby oil, baby cream
  • Soft towel or blanket to wrap baby after bath

Have a habit of trimming nails

Usually, newborn babies have soft and fast-growing nails such that your baby can scratch his/her face during their facial movements. In the first month, you could put mitten or socks on your baby’s hand but later she can start removing mitten or socks by her movements. So, the easiest way to keep your baby’s nail short in the early days is to just peel the ends off with your fingers.

Bonding & Soothing

Bonding is the feeling that makes you shower your baby with love. The most important thing that you can do is to bond with your newborn. Begin bonding by cradling your baby, and gently stroking her. You and your partner can give your baby skin to skin contact or infant massage.

Bottom Line

Other than the above tips, respond to your baby when she is crying, talk to her, smile at her, try to find out why your baby is crying, hold her close and cuddle her. This love and attention will help build a strong bond of trust. To experience all those joyful moments, get 100% pregnancy success with the best fertility hospital in Chennai. Pamper your loved ones with the gift of good health!  Getting regular checkups in best fertility center is the best way to monitor your baby’s health as well as your own health.

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