Next generation Cloud-based digital machines – Prediction of future growth

Next Generation
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Next Generation

Machines have been an integral part of our lives for years and this is the era where humans and machines to work together as a cohesive workforce. When we speak of next-generation advanced digital automatic machines they are ought to be smarter. These are made based on machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and are not future fantasy. They sense, learn, and change the way they overcome challenges and respond to solve problems – just the way humans do – to an extent.

Customization: The consumers are able to configure, select, and utilize customized product realization resources and services in Cloud-based design manufacturing (CBDM). The service-oriented networked model ranges from computer-aided engineering software to reconfigurable manufacturing systems. (For e.g. The automatic flute laminator is suitable for the high speed and automatic lamination of color printed top sheet and corrugated paperboard with automatic feeding of top sheets and bottom sheets). An important component enabling that transformation is the Cloud architecture.

Multi-site Scalability:  Digital automatic machines utilizing the cloud’s storage space and computing power makes it almost infinitely scalable. It facilitates rapid, complete deployment in multi-site enterprises. The cloud’s open connectivity and rapidly advancing IIoT technologies enable integration with existing equipment and systems.

Collaboration efficiency: The cloud’s data consolidation breaks down operational silos of business units. Easy collaboration between disparate teams and locations is possible in an open, central cloud platform. This results in increasing the efficiency of organizations for manufacturing operations by standardizing operational best practices across all the sites.

Flexibility: Without the burden of establishing and maintaining a complex IT infrastructure The cloud makes it happen to expand the capabilities of small, manual or semi-automated facilities. (The automatic flute laminator is equipped with high precision, high-speed automatic feeder based on advanced automatic tracking technology). This means the companies can capture data from IoT-enabled sensors or smartphone devices and send them directly to the cloud. Consequently, the companies can access documents anywhere anytime without feeding data to a site-wide MES/MOM solution.

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Quick payback:  The cloud solutions do not require investments in infrastructure, software and IT support, reducing the total cost of ownership. As the cloud solutions can be configured easily, it saves time and adds value. Moreover, organizations can enjoy the benefits of improved operational performance and reduced downtime.

Improved profitability: Cloud technology makes it possible to prevent the loss of productivity as it can store and back up data despite natural disaster or power failure. Advanced capabilities such as performance monitoring implementations often serve as the entry point of a larger digital transformation and automation. It helps in operator empowerment and continuous improvement in areas where deployments previously would not have been economically possible. By implementing the digital transformation of operations, companies can optimize their operations for improved profitability.

Digitization in machines can reshape time-consuming manual tasks and stretched transactional complexities, especially when multiple systems are involved. Advanced Digital automatic machines have the capacity to transform customer-facing journeys by creating the potential for self-service. Automated self-driving cars and other cognitive computing systems are able to make decisions and resolve issues without human intervention.

The commercial automatic foil printing machine possesses high operational fluency, robust construction and low power consumption that is employed in the production of the carton, paper cover, paper cup, portable paper bag, card paper pressing convex, PVC, and various plastic materials. That time is not far when human-machine partnerships will also help the organizations find talent, manage teams, and deliver products or services. It will support professional development besides automotive functions and result in creating newer skill sets required for humans and technology to work alongside seamlessly.

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