Now, Get SMS Alerts Regarding Power Cuts in Your Area

Get SMS Alerts Regarding Power Cuts in Your Area
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An unscheduled power cut in your area is certainly an annoying thing for you. However, you can now able to track power cuts, technical faults, and other related problems through a mobile application and a web portal. Besides, you will also get SMS alerts regarding these.

Initiated by the Union Power Ministry of India, the plan is to implement a nationwide SMS-cum-alert message service to provide a real-time data on power shutdowns. Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) would be engaged in developing the broadcast message service along with a web portal and mobile app.

As a foremost step, 30 discoms (distribution companies) across several states in India have agreed for this programme which includes Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, Assam, Haryana, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

The developed portal will have a database till the last-mile transformer level and would track area-wise power supply status. The respective discoms in the states would provide the data in real time and would be synced by the Rural Electrification Corporation on the portal.

According to an official, the portal can be accessed by both the consumers and discom officials to register their feedbacks. Currently, there are only a few private discoms such as Tata Power and BSES that sends information regarding power cuts or technical faults to its consumers. But, this is the first time that central government is initiating such service for the consumers.

The process would include installing modems on all transformers and link all data to a national cloud service. This cloud date can be seen on the mobile app and web portal. Besides, it also sends out alerts to the discoms which they can share as SMS or broadcast messages to the consumers.

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