Nutritious Dried Coconut Benefits – Feel the Difference on You

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Coconut trees that grow in a tropical climate are popular for their oil and milk.  Coconut flesh is rich in minerals, especially manganese and copper.  Manganese supports fat metabolism and copper aids bone formation. Dried meat of the coconut is dried coconut or copra.  Often we ignore the dried coconut when we compare the usage of other dry fruits.

Dried coconut has high nutritional value and it adds nutritional value to any meal. Retail outlets purchase coconuts from wholesale coconut suppliers and pack them in consumer-friendly packs, so we can buy this desiccated coconut according to our needs from the nearby stores.

We can also buy copra from the coconut copra suppliers directly which ensures the quality of the product.

Below are the few benefits we derive from the dried coconut.

Reduces Mineral Deficiency

Dried coconut contains a huge number of minerals that strengthen the skin, bones, and ligaments.  It strengthens our connective tissues and keeps our body healthy.  Minerals in dried coconut can be absorbed and processed easier by the body.  A diet that includes desiccated coconut prevents mineral deficiency and other diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Improves Brain Function

Chemicals contained in coconut meat promote the production of neurotransmitters and myelin which improves and stimulates brain function.  Any damage to myelin cover results in neurological disorder and dried coconut helps to produce myelin that covers the neuron resulting in better brain functions.  According to recent research, coconut oil has shown better results in treating Alzheimer’s and slowing down its progression.

Lowers LDL Cholesterol

Lauric acid, which is found in saturated fat of coconut promotes good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces LDL cholesterol.  Thus, in turn, it reduces the risk of heart disease.

Rich in Iron and Potassium

Anemia is a common problem in most females and males.  It is not a life-threatening disease but lowers the immunity level of the body and attracts many diseases.  Dried coconut is a good source of iron content.  Adding dried coconut in the meal will help to reduce the iron deficiency overall.  Although it is high in saturated fat, it is cholesterol-free and has low sodium.

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High in Fiber

Dried coconut has an indigestible form of fiber that cannot be absorbed the body but it promotes better bowel movements.  It slows down the release of glucose and reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Serves Micronutrients

Coconut contains the following nutrients:

  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Only vitamins found in coconut include folate and thiamine.

Aids in Weight Loss and Anti-ageing

Recent research suggests that coconut has antioxidants that help to promote the immune function and reduces the risk of metabolic disorders by eliminating free radicals.  For example, medium-chain triglycerides found in coconut oil increases metabolism by 5% and burn the fat and helps in weight loss.

Enzymes, cytokinins, kinetin, and trans-zeatin, present in coconut have anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging properties.

Treats Epilepsy

Fatty acids found in coconut are absorbed by the liver from the digestive tract.  These are transformed into ketone bodies.  These ketone bodies reduce the risk of epilepsy and also Alzheimer’s.

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