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In our rapidly changing lifestyle, we must push ourselves to attain the targets. Along the way, we tend to come across no lesser obstacles irrespective of the target one has chosen. It is quite common that the majority misinterpret the obstacles faced by them in a negative way. Only after a ton of life experience they get to know that the Obstacles were the guided path to everyone success. In a book titled “Obstacle is the way” Mr. Ryan Holiday have addressed the common problems people face irrespective of their own field. He has also detailed about what differs the one who truly succeeds and the one who is trying to settle down after first stage of success itself.Obstcales.jpg


In the book Obstacle is the way, author shares an incident where an authoritative personality seen curious to check the temperament of the people who have been put with a hurdle on their path to their destination in such a way that one have to work their way to pass this obstacle. Without working the obstacle they have no way to get to their destination as easily they require.

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A big rock has been setup on the road, which impacts the smooth movement of the people going by that way from one place to another. Among the hundreds who have come that way have went back and took a longer route when they have witnessed the big rock blocking their path.

Bypassing the rock will only take a couple of mins to reach their destination but it didn’t interest people to tackle the obstacle. There was a man who want to see what he can do to face this obstacle and possibly come over it. When the authorized personnel saw the man’s will to face and solve the obstacle and immediately find that to be impressive and presented the man with valuables.


In simple words, it is the intent of any person to see what he can do about solving the riddle is considered to a successful person rather than one who just alters his route to ignore the problem at all. Similarly, you will find many other interesting details mentioned in the book which will possible turn you into your best ever. It is always our choices that results in the productive growth of oneself over someone who finds hard to take that hard choice to sit and enjoy the comfort zone for time period.

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