Basic Mobile Handsets

Old, Not obsolete – Basic Mobile Handsets

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‘I’m old. Not obsolete Mouthed by Arnold in his latest flick ‘Terminator Genisys’ not only fits him also the Basic Mobile Handsets too. With a negligible market hold it makes us think of its need in present and future.


Basic mobile handsets


Connecting with people has been reaching new highs with the advancement of mobile networks from 2G to 4G LTE at present. The advance in technology has enabled communication in a much broader range from managing e-mails,  long distant VOIP calls, advanced messaging and texting, revolutionizing social media making direct phone calls outdated.


Ironically nothing is perfect, the current generation phones has its own disadvantages. To list a few

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  • Battery drain – Multitasking has made the battery life vulnerable. A few months after buying its miracle if the battery stays for half a day.
  • Periodic Hanging – Due to extensive usage the phone hangs/shuts down when we really in an urgent need of it.
  • Mobile Signal Drop – Issue occurring of late, the mobile signal is virtually dead/drops when we lock the smartphone to save power when unlocked 30% of time its unable to find a signal giving us no other options other than to restart.
  • Mobility – Irrespective of compactness of the smartphone it’s a pain to carry in our pockets.


In an emergency situation(running out of battery,signal issue,phone restarting) where just a phone call, SMS is what needed this comes as a savior. Nowhere close to smartphones this has its own advantages.

  • Extended Battery life – Nothing comes close it when it comes to battery life. Many handsets needs charging only once a day.
  • Simplified technology and usage – Very useful for persons who are not comfortable using touch pads and mobile technology. The keypad is a boon for a commoner.
  • Economically affordable – Comes a price which could brought even by persons with a meager income.
  • Resistant body – Drop it n number of times it still works.


To sum it up “They are old, no more a gold but still holds“.




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