On-campus vs off-campus – Pros and Cons of interview


As you all know that, getting a job these days remains a real daunting task. Getting a degree is not enough to get a job with a fortunate salary. You have to develop some additional skills to get attention on you in the interview process. Keep in mind that, a degree alone does not make sense to your job interview. You have to let the recruiters know what you are practiced with and what you know in addition having the knowledge of your degree. Only then, the interviewers will think about you. No matter, which company you are going for an interview is, but you need to be skilled in some additional software skills or hardware skills or communication skills.

On-Campus Vs Off Campus

The major differences between the off campus and on campus are the venue, a number of students attending, the attention you get, that is it. Yes, in on campus, the venue will be a known place to you, you will not experience heavy competition as only your college students will take part in the interview, the recruiters will pay attention to your college students. In off campus, you will not get these things. No matter, either be it the on campus or off campus, but you should be eligible with respect to the know-how of your extra skills, only then you will get placed. Take best selenium training to handle the web automation.

Interview process

The interview process will vary from one company to another company. There are companies that will conduct the interview in four stages and some other companies conduct the interview in three stages. If you are going to attend the interview, you need to know more about the process of the interview. In general, the interview process contains the stages such as aptitude, technical round, communicational skills interview, personal or HR interview. There are companies that will explain the interview process to the candidates at the interview morning to help the candidates understand all about the interview.

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You should learn something about the company you are going to attend for, like the nature of the business, yearly turnover of the company, branches or headquarters of the company and more. You should follow the interview guidelines and process without fail. Registration should be done in some interviews. You should go to the interview venue prior to hand to finish the formalities of the interview sooner.

Tips for Interview

  • You should first research something about the HR or manager to behave according to how they like.
  • It is important to review the common interview questions and prepare your answers.
  • You should dress neatly and to the point rather be dressing in a random fashion.
  • You should arrive on time for the interview.
  • Be relaxed and prompt right answers.
  • Try to create first impressions.
  • If you do not know the answer to a particular question, say no rather prompting something irrelevant to the question.
  • You should be focused on the interview.
  • Make sure to focus on your gesture.

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