How to buy Paid Apps for Free in Google Play Store

How to buy Paid Apps for Free in Google Play Store 1
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Needless to say, that Digital devices have simplified the way we live to a certain extent. In the older days, we have started with devices like Landline, Desktop, Portable Laptop, Smartphones for sending and receiving information. In the current days, people straightaway started using Smartphones and attached to them with ease.

Reality is that we can pull a ton of information about anything instantly within the reach of our hands. Smartphones are the one which has been and continuing to revolutionize the way we live. For every other thing, we can find a relevant application in the smartphones.

Applications are available for Free with limited options and Paid apps comes up with full benefits of the service. In this post, we share a working way to get paid apps for free. You can do it with the help of “Google Opinion Rewards” program from Google Inc itself.

What is “Google Opinion Rewards” program?

Google is a technology company as we knew and the way they handle their digital marketing strategies are highly informative for fellow marketers. Generally, every application we use request us to provide a review or survey on how it feels to be using their app.

A typical user may not spend time on writing a review or providing a survey about some random product even it really helped in a profitable way. So, to tackle this problem, Google have come with the “Google Opinion Rewards” program.

How this Google program work?

Google pays you when spend a minute or two providing a survey about the product it brings to you. Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with this program, this application has been created by the Google Surveys team. You earn around 1 US dollar for providing just one or two surveys through this application.

This goes into your Play Store credit and through this you can buy paid apps for free. Utilize this opportunity and make more credits and buy paid applications just for free. As we tend to spend limitless amount of time to invaluable things online, you can be selective what you are spending time on and make the most through services of these kind.

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