Panda update – Its influence on SEO article writing

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Guest Blog by Robert

Previously, it was possible to give up with the quality of the content in a proposal to put their websites on the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) and get away with it. But now, it is not possible because of Google’s latest Panda update. To check out the low quality of the content that reaches the search engine result pages, Google has modernized their search engine by the name Panda.

The temporary update of Panda began in 24th February, 2011. It was then known as Farmer’s update due to the number of content farms that had got affected. It came to be known as Panda after one of its lead developers.

Google updates the Panda algorithm every 4 – 6 weeks due to its effectiveness. The Panda aims at the low quality websites. But, by doing the required corrections, the websites can get back their ranking in the search engines.

Google Panda Update
Google Panda Update

Google panda update – What it does

You know that your website has been influenced by the update when there is a decline in your page ranking. The content industries are affected mostly by the Panda update. Copied and false content gets pulled up by the Panda update at once. Plagiarism is checked by the Google panda. The Panda does not appreciate the paid links or advertisements. Therefore, the websites with numerous advertisements are also affected by the update.

The articles with headings that are not applicable to the content get penalized by Google Panda. All this will undoubtedly obstruct the ranking of your website. Though most of the websites have been affected by the Panda to a great extent, some have done well with the changes suggested.

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SEO Article Writing – The effect of Panda on it

Most of the websites publish articles to increase the traffic to their sites only. Thus, the quality is being compromised greatly. The people visit the websites with the probability of getting some valuable and important information.

The Panda update has undeniably sent SEO writers into a research mode. As such, the writers now require re-evaluating their content and adding up more significance to their work. Plagiarism will not be accepted by the Panda update.

Keep up with the Panda – How this is possible

Have a look at some tips that will keep your websites away from being penalized by the Panda.

  • Provide original and high quality content to the readers. The visitors should feel pleased when they visit your website. This way, they will surely get back to your website and you will be able to preserve a stable traffic to your website.
  • Keep on adding new and informative content to your website. The articles that have links to the blogs can also be added up in your website.
  • Preserve a track on the quotes that you use in your SEO articles. The quoting experts are likely to make your articles same to a lot of other sources. So, you should try to avoid quotes as much as possible.
  • It is better to write long articles. According to the latest Google update, the word count has been raised to 400 words from the earlier 250.
  • The writers should write the content in their own words. Do proper research and then jot down the informative points in your own views. This will bring originality in your article. You should not repeat the keyword without need.

In a nutshell, the Panda update has brought an effect on those websites that concentrate on search engine optimization than the quality of the content.

About the Author: Robert is the Community Mentor of He is being associated with this field from a long period & have been contributing with his best ideas by writing some excellent SEO contents.

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