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All actors have done good movies but only a few them turned into a legacies beyond comprehension. A pristine mix of characterization along with the actor’s charisma, attitude & personality is the key. Fans and critics acknowledge, at times it’s difficult to differentiate the actor’s personality and their characters they portray. That’s the presence certain ‘Character-Actor’ alliance radiate. Below are some memorable on-screen Character-Actor combinations ever happened.

P.S: The generated catalogue is writer’s personal list and not based on any specific rating/ reviews.

ROBERT DOWNEY Jr – IRON MAN aka. TONY STARK (Marvel Superhero Series) | Image : SlashFilm

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man

HUGH JACKMAN – WOLVERINE (X-Men Series) | Image : Goliath

Hugh Jackman Wolverine XMen

SYLVESTER STALLONE – ROCKY BALBOA (Rocky Franchise) | Image : AbcNews

Sylvester Stallone Rocky Carl Weather Apollo Creed

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER – THE TERMINATOR (Terminator Franchise) | Image : Io9

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator

JOHNNY DEPP – CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW (Pirates of Caribbean Series) | Image : BestWallpaper

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow Pirates of Caribbean

CHRISTIAN BALE – BRUCE WAYNE aka. BATMAN (Nolan’s Batman Trilogy) | Image : Goliath

Christian Bale Bruce Wayne Batman

AL PACINO – MICHAEL CORLEONE (Godfather Trilogy) | Image : Parade

Al Pacino Michael Corleone The Godfather

ROWAN ATKINSON – MR.BEAN (Bean Series) | Image : SpeakerPedia

Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean

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