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Travelling to Denmark? A visit to the microscopic version of the world at Lake Klejtrup is worth your time. Shaped out of grass and stones, the miniature world map is a popular tourist attraction in the area of Viborg Municipality, Northern Denmark.

Built by Søren Poulsen, a local farmer; the World Map covers an overall area of 4000 sq.mts. The Map doesn’t feature Antarctica and has two points referring the Northern Hemisphere to represent the correct distance between the countries on a flat surface. Flags are put across the ground representing various countries with red poles marking the equator.



The concept of a midget World Map sparked in Søren’s mind when he came across a stone resembling the Jutland peninsula. With elementary tools at his disposal, Søren carefully placed stone over the lake’s ice-sheets during the winter which fits into place once the spring arrived. The overall construction of the map took 25 years (1944-1969) to complete with specific stones weighing more than 2 tones.

Aside from the Map, the park houses a coffee shop, picnic zone and a play area for the children. Close to 35,000 people (mostly Danish) visiting, significant tourism initiatives by the government could provide this place a much needed boost.



NameThe World Map v/ Lake Klejtrup
Address & Contact
Søren Poulsen Vej 5
9500 Hobro
tel.: +45 9854 6132

COURTESY: Images – Wnielsen | Verdenskortet | Mapio


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