Pleasure Of Writing Diaries – Motivate Your Children

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The big challenge for teachers is that not to just getting the students to read – it is also getting them to enjoy. If you want your child to be a stellar student, then do not limit your classroom learning to the walls. Although the skill he is learning is important for his intellectual and social development, but your child needs your help to open the world of ideas.

Are you looking for ways to create discipline in your child’s life? Are you thinking how to keep the corporate diaries more productive? Are you thinking about how to set it up on the path of continuous self-analysis to develop a holistic personality? What about empowering them with excellent communication skills, and analytical and creative thinking capabilities?

The motivation for reading decreases with age, especially:

A primary school teacher in Nottinghamshire, says, “The house is a big influence.” “Assistant and understanding parents are important for developing their child’s reading.” Sometimes, you can even have a colorful picture to go with your entry. This will make it an interesting activity for your child. Older children can detect long prose and more creative formats; For example, write a story or drama based on daily encounters.

Read your child’s famous diary entries:

To begin, writing thoughts and feelings based on experiences has a clinical effect on the mind and helps in achieving inner peace. In addition to being a creative pursuit, to maintain a diary also makes a record of memories to look back. It is a record of teenage memories of Anne Frank, hidden by Nazis during World War II, and was later captured and forced to stay in a concentration camp for the Jews.

Give your child a good-looking diary or notebook gift to get started:

Children, especially small, diary diaries are more likely to write if they think the layout of the personalized diaries diary or notebook is attractive. So, let your child pick and buy your favorite. Also, once you bring the diary home, you can help to personalize it with some creative artwork.

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Decide what the diary entries will be There are many types of diary entries. Some suggestions you can recommend are: ·

  • Long-term and short-term goals (academic or life-oriented)
  • Life Lessons Learned Daily
  • Report to learn a new skill or pursue hobbies
  • Daytime program day record
  • Observation of the people around
  • Emotions Record Based on Experiences

Ask your child to be honest in what is written without fear of decision: 

Also, do not worry about mistakes or express how good it is, because it will improve over time. If your child gets confused with achieving perfection in his entries, then it is likely that his progress will slow down. Separate a special hour in the day when he should sit to write. Also, decide how much time your child will spend on this activity and will ensure that it will comply with the deadline. Do not intrude too much in your private place and its personal diary is ‘personal’. But, as well, whenever she feels the need to share something with you, then be available to your child.

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