Poster Design Just for Beginners-Tips& Strategies

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Poster Design

Since the advent of print, posters are one of the favorite design projects because you can bend the rules in so many different ways. Generally, poster designs are groovy, bold, creative and provoke so many emotions too. Some posters get you excited and touches your heart pumped up such as music or event posters, while others are chock full of information. It’s all about your design, the key is finding the right balance with the headline, logos, and images. When you’ve attained all those aspects, then you’ve got one sweet poster.

Consider automatic foil stamping machine as your product. For this, first you have to know your audience and product/service/event is the first bit of critical information for a poster. After that, the mood, emotion or reaction will lead to colors, fonts, and graphics that complement the information.


If you’re new to OOH(Out of Home), you might be feeling a little out of your depth when it comes to designing that eye-catching poster of your business needs. Also, your posts need to convey information at the same time appealing to the aesthetic tastes of your audience. But where do you start and what do you have to bear in mind?

Don’t get fret out! Here we have shared a few poster design tips for anyone getting into this field newly.

Embrace the Brand

When creating a poster for a brand campaign, dissect the brand’s logo and explore what you can use as building blocks in your design. Integrating the logo elements will make your poster ownable and will avoid a client asking you to make the logo bigger.

Stay Unique

If you know your poster is going to be in a sea of posters by other designers, it’s ideal to make yours stand out. You can do this with bright color, pattern or high contrast. I’ve even seen people integrate small blinking lights into their prints.

Keep it simple

The most important tip that I can’t stress enough is to keep your poster design simple. Pick one idea and execute it with the fewest elements possible without losing the integrity of your idea. People are bombarded with visuals all day that are fighting for their attention. Make sure your poster is easily digestible at a glance. You shouldn’t have to explain the concept to anyone.

Bring out the Effective layout

Many poster design tools can help you understand how best to lay out your poster design, but there is one simple rule to follow which is that creatives with branding at the top, middle and bottom are consumed better than those where the key elements are scattered around. Why is that? Well, the human eye naturally reads posters in a ‘Z-like’ pattern, which means that adopting this structure on your posters will make the message even easier to digest.

Don’t hesitate to use humor

Be silly, have a fun and play on words. Use unexpected imagery, unless, of course, you have a serious subject. Life isn’t always lived on a straight line. Different angles and points of view can make for a more exciting poster. Change the point of view of a photo. Take it from up high or down low. Use words on a diagonal instead of straight line. This lead customer eye either up or down across the page instead of just being straight and boring.

Evoke Emotion

A single word or image can evoke great emotion – love, anger, sadness. For instance, a photo of a woman crying or a man crossing a finish line or the word “fire”. The viewer gets emotional and needs to know more about your business products.


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