Pour Out Some Refreshment – Refreshing Summer Juices

Pour Out Some Refreshment – Refreshing Summer Juices 1

Sometimes, taking a “chill pill” is not all it takes to keep yourself refreshed during the ruthless summer. With the temps rising higher and higher, it is crucial that you keep your body cool and hydrated at all times. Given the rich variety of spices, fruits, and herbs in our subcontinent, there are numerous ways of whipping up the perfect summer drink. To quench your thirst for some delectable beverages and juices, we’ve come up with a list of fresh juices you can make right from the comfort of your home. Be sure to use fresh, organic fruits and veggies to get that added oomph in taste and nutrition.

Dates Smoothie: Dates are packed with natural sugars vitamins, and essential minerals. Throw some seedless dates, bananas, and cold milk together, blend it all up – and have yourself a cooling and super-healthy dates smoothie. 

Orange Juice: Nothing beats a good old glass of OJ in the morning with your breakfast – or any time of day for that matter! Rich in vitamin C, orange juice is best when it is made fresh and consumed right away. You can jazz it up by adding a few other foods such as carrots and grapefruit

Watermelon-Cucumber Punch: What better way to hydrate yourself than by blending together two of the most succulent foods known to man? Watermelon and cucumber are rich in anti-oxidants and in vitamin C. They keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. By adding half a cucumber to your blend of watermelon juice, you can push in an extra punch of hydration and goodness.

Cucumber Basil Lemonade: We will say it again: Cucumbers are a necessary addition to your summer diet. They not only provide ample water to your body but also offer an array of vitamins and minerals. After running your cucumber through a juicer, you can add it to your lemonade with a dash of basil to give it a dash of extra flavor.

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Sugarcane Juice: No summer experience in India is complete without a glass of delicious sugarcane juice. It not only serves as an excellent cooling agent for your body but also amps up your immunity and protects your body against illnesses. A tall, cool glass of sugar cane juice is the perfect remedy to keep the summer heat at bay.

Aam Panna: Summer is not just about heat, but about mangoes too! Aam Panna is a traditional beverage had by many Indians in the summer to keep their bodies cool and hydrated. Made from raw mangoes, this zesty beverage is loaded with vitamin C and iron and helps keep the heat away.

Nannari Juice: Nannari or sarsaparilla syrup is a common ingredient that can be found in everyone’s fridge during the summer months. Not only does it bring down your body temperature, but Nannari juice is also extremely beneficial for blood purification and urinary health. It also acts as a digestive aid to battle those heat-induced tummy aches.

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