Pranab Mukherjee’s Transport Changed – Mercedes Rs. 6 Crore

Pranab New Car
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India’s 13th President Pranab Mukherjee will now change his mode of transport to stylish Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard manufactured in Stuttgart, Germany. He travels on Ambassador Car earlier as a minister. The cost of the car is estimated to be close to Rs. 6 crore.

Pranab Mukherjee New Car
Photo Credit: porhomme

This car has the luxurious features for president comfortable and also it has got enough safety features as well. Once he enters the car, he would be completely away from any of the outside sound. Even the drivers cabin is been separated from the president’s cabin with the soundproof glass.

Features & Specifications below:

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  • Enabled with GPS satellite navigator.
  • 8 dual-stage air bags.
  • If the air bags or seat belt get deployed an automatic call for help will be made.
  • Armored Bulletproof.
  • Face to Face video conference facility.
  • Refrigerator to have something cool.
  • The wheels have 4315 mm wheelbase and is 115 m longer than that of long version of special-protection S-Class.
  • Self-sealing 90-liter fuel tank.
  • Automatic fire extinguisher.
  • Emergency fresh air system.
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