Pregnancy facts to know – Weird things that will Blow Your Mind

Pregnancy facts to know

Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating things ever to happen to any woman. Especially when one is pregnant for the first time, much care is required.

The first-timer experiences most difficulty during the pregnancy period, and this is only because of not knowing about it anything.

So, one needs to know everything if she is pregnant for the first time, like the symptoms, care needed to be taken during this time, what to eat, what not to eat, precautions, etc.

For time it may feel weird during the pregnancy because of sudden changes but always know that it’s going to be fine.

Obviously, a family is always there to help, but still, one is always worried about everything related to pregnancy, so here are some weird but must-to-know things to know about pregnancy.

  • Swelling of feet. Yeah! sometimes your feet may indeed swell up to one more shoe size.
  • A uterus is the size of a small peach, but it stretches about 500 times its original size.
  • If you are tall or overweight, then there are more chances to carry twins than the smaller or with less weight.
  • The baby has its fingerprints by 9-12 weeks in the womb.
  • During pregnancy, you produce estrogen as much as you do in 3 years, which can explain the frequent mood swings.
  • Pregnant women have an increased blood volume which means a bloody nose or bloody gum during pregnancy is a normal thing though you should see the doctor for any weird thing.
  • Also, with the increased blood volume, the heart actually grows in size to pump more blood for the baby.
  • Babies cry in the womb though you can’t hear them because of the fluids.
  • Lactation on hearing any baby crying sound is also experienced in a pregnant woman.
  • During pregnancy, the hormone Relaxin is released, which makes the pregnant woman’s hips and pelvis soft to open up for delivery.
  • The sense of smell is increased during pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, the blood of the pregnant woman has less oxygen which causes forgetfulness.
  • One out of three women gives birth via cesarean section.
  • Orgasms induce contractions, so in case of late delivery on the due date, doctors actually ask to have safe intercourse.
  • Another unfortunate effect of pregnancy is bad breath.
  • Due to the expansion of the skin, it may become dry, itchy, and uncomfortable and can leave stretch marks. The application of lotion and oil can help in this case.
  • There is a Water Birthing option also.
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Pregnancy, as mentioned above, is one of the best things ever to happen, but in the case of conceiving related problems, there are many solutions out there. One is them is IVF technology.

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