Prepare for the Interview – Do’s and Don’ts

prepare for interview

There are over 7 billion people in this world; each and every one is said to be unique in some way either in some physical or mental characteristics. A human being can be defined either by their city, state, country, gender, age, name, etc. These are the personal definitions of you, but still, thousands and thousands of people might have this parameter, just like you.

For eg, If I say, I am Rajesh, a middle-class male coming from Mumbai. Or, I am a single teenager from Mumbai, etc… there will be so many like me. How will you stay unique in this world?

So, in this case, I believe that professional aspect comes into the picture. Yes, you can be defined, recognized and respected by the profession you do, to show your unique identity. From this, we can easily say career is very important in our life. And this why many energetic youngsters are seeking on job hunting.

To be precise, job-hunting is a nerve-wracking experience for drafting the perfect cover letter in the highly-reputed company. But, even more, challenging is the interview. To succeed in a job interview, it’s important to do right things to make a first and the best impression.

Are you waiting to know more about this? So, without any further ado, here is a handful of do’s and don’ts to be followed before, during and after the interview.

Before the interview:

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare

Before facing an interview, prepare and gain much information about the organization (refer particular company’s website). This research will be intensive helps you to stand out amongst those who are selected. Next, having certified candidate has more advantage. Get expertise with various training framework. Enrol today in Selenium courses in Chennai & HP LoadRunner training to get placed in MNC companies.

Don’t be late:

Figure out and make a proper plan to arrive 10 minutes earlier. If in any case, something went wrong phone the office as soon as you know that you are running behind.

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Do offer a firm handshake and great with a gentle smile:

Great your interviewer with a firm handshake and gentle smile, but not bone-crunching- a handshake and a warm smile. This will show that you are confident, enthusiastic and positive.

Don’t dress casually:

The dress is the successful assets to make the good and first impression during the interview process. And, make sure your dress is appropriate for the working environment, which fits well and is neatly pressed.

During the interview:

Answer confidently, but not cocky

“Tell me about yourself” is the most common and the first question asked during job interviews. While the interviewer throws off this question, just approach them with enthusiasm but not as arrogant.

Don’t show your bad posture:

Research shows that merely 33% of employers have passed over on a candidate because of bad eye contact and 22% made their decision based on bad posture. Yes, its true, so be engages as possible during the interview.

Take your own time to answer the questions, avoid rushing up:

In fact, it is a human nature to begin formulating an answer even before the speaker has finished. Avoid this temptation and actively listen to the interviewer, so you can answer completely for their questions.

Be positive, don’t be negative:

If you’re asked about why you left your previous job, try to put a positive spin on it. Yes, instead of pointing out the negative aspects of your previous job, try to highlight what you learned from the experience and how will you do smart work in your next job.

After the interview:

Don’t forget to express the appreciation email to the interviewer:

Thank you notes are considered as a common courtesy, which will reiterate your interest in the job.

All those instructions will set you apart from other candidates. And, I hope these instructions will create a unique identity for you.

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