Prevent Your Neck Syndrome – Tips To Use Your Smartphone

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Tension neck syndrome mainly encompasses a variety of disorders in neck and shoulder. Tension neck syndrome is an element involved from the neck to shoulder pain with the muscular component and more responsible for much work loss. The Tension neck syndrome is a common problem among people who are working in the office and factory workers. You would experience with the mental stress and motions requiring repetition or work in poor postures due to prolonged periods. There is syndrome involves the sensation, shoulder and upper limb pain, sensitive, hard areas neck and with the objective tender and stiff muscles as well as tight bands or nodules, and spasms. On another hand, most of the people know about the more connected now the average2.5 hours a day or 72 hours looking at their Smartphone or tablets. There are looking down to your Smartphone can be used the figuratively. In fact, you have to see the neck straining at an uncomfortable angle and squinting at the screen with the shoulder replacement in India and associated with the can lead to neck pain1.

Reason for Neck Pain:

Most importantly, the bending your head to text in the Smartphone would lead to lots of extra stress with your cervical spine. Bending your head to look at the Smartphoneleads to 60 pounds of pressure on your spine. They are15-degree head tilt close to 27 of pressure2 as well as is not a natural accumulation of the extra force with leads to irregular stresses on the spine and surrounding, supportive soft tissues.


Look Forward:

You have to offer device up to eye level and minimize the bend in your neck and maintain the optimal spine posture with the device is below eye level as well as look down with your eyes rather than your neck.

Posture Check:

  • In need, you can make more effort and maintain your low back when sitting and using the device. Of course, you can need to use the period of time and find out the supportive chair and surface to rest your arms on. In addition, there are using your device in the of the body with your neck cradling the between your ear and shoulder

Break Time:

  • Mainly Take frequent micro-breaks to move the stretch your neck and back with Limit your device use the minute sessions and making a phone call rather than the spending a long time texting.


  • Most importantly, the one or all of these stretches when taking micro-breaks and Find the best angle form the bit below eye level as well as remember to adjust the way you hold your phone. In addition, If you are looking your screen or contorting yourself due to view your smartphone from the different angles can cause problems and Take frequent breaks with the use of time to stretch your neck and shoulders and back.

Simple Techniques:

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  • Raise the phone
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Stand up straight
  • Arch and stretch
  • Stay fit


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