Promote a Contest or Sweepstakes On Your Label! Tips To Go Ahead

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If a tree falls down in the forest or if any accident persists or any natural disaster occurs most of the people takes a selfie and they posted, pinned, tweeted and uploaded in all the social media presence. Likewise, in business getting people to know it and participate is infinitely harder. For this only, we recommend you to promote your business using a contest or sweepstakes on your business label. Actually, creating a contest isn’t actually hard here are a few amazing tips to tip the scale to your favor. Let’s jump on it right now?

Before getting into this, let’s predict the clear difference between the contest vs sweepstakes.

Contest Vs Sweepstakes

Most of them realized that there are no more differences between the contest and sweepstakes. But, there is an important difference- in a contest, a prize is own on the basis of merit; in sweepstakes, a prize is won by a chance.

How to Put Contest or Sweepstakes on your Labels?

Choice 1– Obviously, you already create a special edition of your label artwork. Now, start adding an eye-catching design that promotes your game to the front panel of your label. And, at the back panel or side panel, explain the sweepstakes or contest by indicating the valid entry details and give a correct URL link to a web page with full contest rules.

Choice 2– You can simply place a promotional label with removable adhesive on top of your current label. That way you can maintain your standard label look and also save yourself from having to do a complete label redesign! This suits for a paper box manufacturer or supplier, just design and print the removable label and stick it on your product. This is the best way for the customer to remove the label from the box and keep it with them as a reminder until they are ready to visit your website.

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What Makes a Good Contest / Sweepstakes?

Generally, there are certain elements to tie up with your sweepstakes or contest to make it attractive to customers. Here are the certain constraints,

Fix Rules to Follow Easily– Keep the rules so simple and in a fun way, so that no one gets bored or confused with it.

Make it Easy to Enter– Give the necessary link, code, hashtag and QR code on your label for your customer to enter your contest. Because we all love when the things are made easy for us.

Engage Contest in Attractive Way– Try to give 3D effects or any graphical designs to talk up your contest in a social media to make the sweepstakes more interactive and keep your audience interested in the particular topic. But, don’t pull up your contest too long because people will get tired of waiting.

Make it Fun– During the contest, entice your audience full of fun game, creative activities and put a new twist on something familiar to make it more exciting.

Use Pop-Ups– If you’re in a packaging supply company, we strongly recommend an exit intent pop-up for your contest because they have the power to persuade your site’s visitors towards your call-to-action. Along with pop-up, take time to approach bloggers and let them know about your contest and ask them to share with their audience if they think it will be a good fit.

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