Protect Your PC with BackBlaze Backup

Protect Your PC with BackBlaze Backup 1
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Protect Your PC with BackBlaze Backup

The inevitable happened last weekends in Gulfport, as the thunderstorms are common in South Mississippi in the late afternoons which were particularly bad last weekend. When I returned to my office on Monday, my computer that I use to do most of my personal work was damaged and all my files on the hard drive were lost. My computer guy could not save my files. I had a surge protector and that didn’t stop the damage.

I had almost forgotten about the online backup service that I had purchased after reading the recommendation from, this sudden accident had really struck me but luckily I still had backup from elsewhere.

I am now in the process of restoring all my files to my new computer. The online backup is loading back all my files in the background. The purchase of this service is even more valuable now because I cannot imagine the problems I would have run into if I did not have this backup. The beauty of the cloud storage is that it constantly runs in the background and I don’t have to remember to do anything.

I would highly recommend people who are looking into some type of automatic backup goes to backblaze unlimited which I purchased after reading their review.

Most companies retain their records and files for a minimum of five years. Issues occasionally arise which require past records or transactions to be reviewed. Some industries may require that files and records are retained for a longer period of time depending on regulations, litigation and business need. Companies budget money for backup systems to protect their data for future needs as well as current retrieval. There are two basic options for archiving data. Until recently, companies typically stored data in house. The current trend is for companies to utilize online backups. There are many companies specializing in maintaining data in online backups and users of such archiving systems are able to upload their data as needed.

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Proponents of online data backups argue that older methods of keeping data on disks and tapes create errors. Disks and tapes must be replaced frequently which cause errors and cause users to lose some of their data. In addition, replacing disks and tapes is time consuming and requires manpower. Outsourcing online backups will help maximize profit by allowing their employees to focus on more profitable tasks.

Large companies report that approximately 80% of the data they retain falls into the archive category. This data requires a large amount of computer space which slows other processes when using disks or tapes to retain the data. Another concern for companies is physical damage to the disks and tapes. For example, if there was a fire, theft or other disaster in the building in which the disks and tapes are stored, large amount of data could be lost which could subsequently affect litigation, inquiries and operations. These possibilities create additional arguments for storing data online.

In the past, online storage was as slow as in house storage and was very costly to companies who required this service. With recent innovations, online storage is an affordable and safe method of data retention. As a result, many companies are now choosing online storage. Companies who offer online storage are customizing options for their customer including the process for retrieving data and time frames for retention. They also offer faster retrieval than their in house retention rivals.

Companies who need to choose an online storage provider need to take time to perform thorough research so they choose a provider who meets their needs. The online storage provider provides a safe way to store data, but they must also be able to provide quick updating and retrieval of data.

In today’s market, there are several companies who offer online data storage. Reviewing these companies’ web sites will provide a wealth of information in order to choose the most appropriate provider for your needs. Some providers provide the newest technologies available and promote their encryption levels. They also offer various formats for retrieving data including backup histories so the user can pinpoint the exact data according to a time and date stamp. The user may also choose to retrieve a small piece of data rather than the entire bit of information which will dramatically reduce retrieval time. When choosing an online storage provider, there are many features to consider including pricing, capacity, user interface, installation and technical support.

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If your company is currently utilizing its own resources to manage data storage, you may want to consider an online storage provider. Once fully utilized, the technology will provide your company with free resources with which to focus on profitable tasks. You’ll also benefit from peace of mind knowing that your data is safe from the mistakes of overextended employees and potential fire or disaster which happened to me exactly.

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