Quality Content vs Attractive Design – Creative Magazine Printing Ideas

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A magazine is a face of much news. It is also a means to market your business by showcasing your products through images and contents. A very well written write up can catch a reader’s interest towards your product and also a nice image can attract too. So marketing materials like pamphlets, banners, posters etc should have both content and design in them to attract consumers. Content and design work as a pair. It is like what impression you get when you look at it for the first time. A customer gets some interest or not is what matters.

Let’s see What a Magazine is, about its Printing and the features.


Print Magazine:

A magazine is a publication which is printed or electronically published (online mode) periodically. The word Magazine refers to a collection or storage, it’s the collection of articles. They are generally financed by advertising, purchase price of the magazine, or prepaid subscriptions. The combination of the above three generates revenue for the magazine.

Magazine Printing:

Magazines are printed using the conventional 4-color process ink. Most of the magazines are printed either in sheets or web offset. Long magazines are printed on gravure presses, while shorter magazines (which run for 1000 copies or less) are printed on the inkjet presses.

Magazine Printing in Sivakasi:

Sivakasi, in Tamil Nadu is a place where Offset printing was first started. Sivakasi offset was so famous until the other printers across different regions sprung up.

Sivakasi boosts of some of the most known print factories in the country. Some of the famous factories include Srinivas Fine Arts, Lovely Offset, Bell, Standard printers etc. These in house facilities boosts for full time production in printed products.

Quality or Attractive design:

Content and images have the ability to influence the reader’s mind. It is very difficult to access which is important as both go hand in hand. Let us see some scenarios where Quality plays a role and some scenarios where Attractive design is given importance:

Magazine Cover:

Magazine cover is the most important part of magazine. Designer spends most of the time in designing a cover page. The cover of the magazine should be colorful with brand value and short and interesting contents. It gives first look about the magazine and attracts the readers to buy it.

Type of Audience:

Editors generally work on the content of the magazine. More than the looks, what is written is given importance in this section. The content and the depth of the subject, style of writing and the ease of understanding plays a major role in influencing the reader.  Team work always helps in producing something different and interesting.

Keep the Text Interesting and presentable: Some articles that are very long and without pictures are boring, so team should keep in mind in using the right pictures or images and keeping the content crisp and to the point to make the readers read the whole section.

Complete Magazine:

Designing a magazine requires creativity and good writing skills. Placing the right text properly and getting good content doesn’t suffice. The designer should imagine each and every step and create the magazine that would attract more and more readers.

From the business point of view of the magazine, both quality and Creative attractive designs should be equally given importance. This enhances the sale of the magazine and increase in the viewership/subscription.


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