Real Stunner: Stallone’s One-to-One combat with Muhammad Ali

Sylvester Stallone Muhammad Ali fight sparring duel 1977 Oscar Awards Rocky Balboa Surfolks
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Rocky Balboa, the reel life heavyweight boxing champion has fought and endured hardcore battles inside and outside the ring from Rocky (1976) to the recent Creed (2015). What if, Rocky had to face his greatest challenge on the Oscar stage against the most powerful and menacing boxing legend Muhammad Ali?  Audience and Stallone were surprised when Muhammad Ali gate crashed Sylvester Stallone’s address during the 1977 Oscar Awards where Ali funnily accused Stallone of aping his life story and the two engaged in a friendly sparring.

The whole incident happened during the Announcement of Best Supporting Actress which went to Beatrice Straight for her performance in Network (1976). As a matter of fact, Beatrice’s performance in the movie lasted only 5 minutes and 40 seconds; the shortest performance ever to win an Oscar. By the way, did you get hold the young Jodie Foster among the audience? Missed? Rewind and one more time…

COURTESY: Oscars (Video) | NYdailyNews (CoverImage)

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