Red Hot Steal Vs Frozen Lake – Low-Tech Experiment

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While skating around on frozen bodies of water on a cold winter’s day is fun, it can also be risky. Now the world-renowned channel Hydraulic press, involved in another destructive experiment with 20Kg of red-hot steel and a frozen lake. They recently tried an experiment which was very curious from the Beyond Press Team by placing the red-hot steel weight on a frozen lake.

The strange thing we can notice here is, the water is boiling terribly and they placing 44-pound red hot weight after heating a cylinder of steel on the 1-foot thick frozen lake to steam instantly. They also set up a camera underwater beneath the ice in hopes of capturing the moment it breaks through.

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After some time the hot metal on the frozen water begins to melt. The weight gradually sinks into the melting lake causing the water to bubble even more aggressively. H2o quickly transitioning from solid to liquid to gas form as it’s instantly heated to its boiling point.

The water is still boiling and it’s very interesting to see the water is warm near the red-hot steel but underneath the water is cold. Thus, they tried a low-tech experiment with the frozen lake, I think they found a new way for ice fishing isn’t so? Check out the reactions of Vuohensilta and fun over here with hydraulic press channel. Don’t try this at home and check the video here how the red-hot steel fighting against the intense cold lake.


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