Rental Machines Vs Buying Printing Machine – Facts to Know About Business Profits

Rental Machines Vs Buying Printing Machine – Facts to Know About Business Profits 1
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Rental Machines Vs Buying Printing Machine – Facts to Know About Business Profits 2

The most difficult question when it comes to taking a decision between renting and buying printing machines. The three options which immediately come to mind are either to lease, rent or buy the printing machine. But here are some advice which must be considered before making the decision and a comparative study of all three options will help in taking the correct decision. As we are aware that whether small, medium or large businesses or individuals require printers in their offices or homes for various uses. Thus, the printing machine becomes an essential need.

Comparison of Leasing, Buying or Printing

  • Leasing: One must go for lease option only when they are confident enough that they are capable of paying the monthly payment every month on time for the entire duration of the lease term.
  • Renting: The great option according to me, I feel that renting a printing machine is best if one is sure that the machine is required for a short duration of time and will not be needed for its use again over a long duration. Typically the renting option involves a monthly rental fee that is fully inclusive of the predetermined page or copy volume, labor, service charges, toner, parts, etc. There is also a delivery and the pickup fee which is also included in it.
  • Buying: In most cases, the buying of a printing machine is the most uncommon practice as it becomes one’s own property and will have to pay attention to its maintenance from the beginning and have to take care of it properly. Many buyers are misled with the service contracts therefore one must be very careful about the service contracts offered by the dealers.

Different Types of Printing Machines

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  • Inkjet Printers: The selection of inkjet printers is never a good decision for any size of businesses as they are most expensive and also give the worst visual output. It has a lower capacity output as the paper and ink both have to be replaced two or three times more than laser. If not used, the ink of the cartridge dries up which leads to the repair of the ink head and requires the replacement of costly cartridge. The inkjets are also having slow speed and it is worthless for the business uses.
  • Laser Printers: The laser printers are the best choice among the businesses as they print the copy at a faster speed and require the toner which costs less as compared to the inkjet devices. The laser printers produce high-quality documents and toners used in it will not dry up as the ink in inkjet printers.
  • Digital Printers: The digital printers have an internal scanner or fax means the machine can scan and store the documents very easily. Now a day’s scanning is very common as faxing in obsolete almost. It is very useful for most of the offices as devices can scan a document and store it immediately, even fax it immediately or can also email right from the printer. The automatic foil printing machine is the hi-tech innovative printing machine admired by most of the users as well as its quality and features are highly appreciable.
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