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ReplyASAP is an application which have been invented by a developer named Nick Herbert. He is also parent who designed this application to remind the recipient to respond to the calls or texts whenever it has been missed intentionally or unknowingly in the first place.

Kids nowadays get more active on various other things like WhatsApp, Facebook on the smartphone and tend to be less responsive to their family and friends. This keeps the later worried due to no response from them during an emergency call or text is sent out.

Source: thenypost
Source: thenypost


This application helps to bridge that gap and lays a foundation for the benefit of the both kids and the parents. In a scenario when the parent makes a call or sends out a text to the kid and get no response, at this situation the application will work like an alarm clock reminder and it will alert the recipient (In this case, The Kid) with the screenshot of the call or the text after a couple of minutes.

Often times the phone call or the texts made by the parents are ignored by the kids and sometimes unknowing those get ignored for various reasons like the recipient present in an area where couldn’t answer them immediately. Like the kids have the smartphone in silent mode in school and during an outing and places.


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There are already plenty of applications available in the app store with the feature of reminding whenever a call or text missed out. The beauty of this specific application “ReplyASAP” is that, it doesn’t care whether the recipient phone is in silent mode or whatever as it will remind the recipient with an alert message along with the screenshot.

Source: Google Play Store
Source: Google Play Store

During this time, the recipient will take an action whether to call back, respond the text or can simply snooze the application to remind in sometime. When this action takes place, the application sends out a notification to the sender about the action taken and this keeps the parents of the other person notified and feel little relieved. All due to the reminder cannot be ignored rather it can only be snoozed or taken an action to call back or respond to the texts.

Source: Google Play Store
Source: Google Play Store

This idea and the application may not be welcomed by the kids with the similar enthusiasm of it being welcomed by the parents. Fingers crossed until we see how this has been approached by every other kids in the household measured by some point of time.

Currently the application is available in Android play store and soon to be rolled out for iOS devices as well. The application is now available at a certain price and expected to be available for FREE once the idea becomes a sensation among the parents.

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