Rigid Box Packaging vs Flexible Packaging – Which is Best?

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Packaging of the products in the light weight bags can be sealed with the pressure or heat is suitable for transporting the produced from one place to another. Most of the products are the minimal protection from being crushed with the manufactured with a very little cost. However, the Rigid packaging is consists of glass containers, and etc, this Rigid packaging is more expensive and heavy weight of better protection. In addition, both the Rigid Box Packaging Vs Flexible Packaging is the high range of uses in the present packaging across the world.

Key Differences Between Flexible Packaging and Rigid Packaging:


Size and Weight of Packaging:

  • The Flexible Packaging is the more weight package and denser and thicker with this materials. The rigid packaging is paperboard boxes and tin and aluminium with the glass bottles.
  • The Rigid Packaging to require that generally takes up more space and cannot be squeezed together with the bundled. Moreover, the sole purpose of rigid packaging is the inner contents.

Durability and Barrier Properties:

  • The Rigid packaging generally provides the inner contents with the prone due to external deformation. The Outer carton boxes packaging is the surface can be easily scratched, damaging the external printed materials
  • The flexible packaging does not get the deformed easily from the impaled during shipping. This flexible packaging is less likely to get any form of cosmetic damages during shipping. This process shipped using rigid packaging only and external packaging the related accessories, cameras and lenses, televisions and etc. On another hand, the cost of the rigid from more packaging is often a very small fraction and more affordable cost.


The Flexible packaging is used as one of the best and low-cost products. These packaging are used to mostly food and cosmetics. Milk bags are quite common from any other countries. There are biscuits, cakes, cereals, bread, dried fruits and nuts, Chips, pickles, sauces and etc.


  • The Environmental impact of a packaging is also used the best material.
  • The Outer carton boxes are rigid packaging that can be recycled as well as low-density polyethylene.
  • Moreover, the recycling becomes difficult when the lined with plastic films and produce the plastic pouches have metallic laminates and recycling becomes difficult.


  • The flexible packaging is only preferred for food is the manufactured using the layers.
  • The multiple layers of polymers and aluminium lined plastics are also used to provide the proper chemical and thermal shielding to the products inside.
  • There are exposed to light and heat and a wide range of retaining the freshness of the inner contents as well as rigid packaging made from cardboard and interior membrane that provides the barrier properties.
  • Rigid packaging provides more freedom and it comes to customization from the color or surface finish the manufacturers can really make their product stand out on shelves.

Current Market Trends:

Products for sale like the baby food, detergents and cleaning supplies, sauces, soups, and more are people preferred choice. Recently, we can pack from the glass bottles or tin cans and seen in the food cosmetics, clothing etc. there is the certain form of categories of healthcare products and electrical appliances; laboratory instruments stationary products, used to use rigid packaging.


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