Rock Your Wedding Entry and Exit with These Fabulous Ideas

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Rock your wedding

Wedding is one of the most beautiful and important arena of the life. Once the wedding dare is decided, everyone gets busy in the preparations. Clothing, destination, theme and many other things but one of the most beautiful place is the entry gate of the wedding place and exit place of the wedding gate. There is no one who can avoid the entry and exit of the destination. If you are having your wedding and want to have some ideas about the decoration of the entry gate as well as exit gate, so this is the right place for you. Here are some ideas of making the entry and exit of the wedding special.

Different weddings require different planning and plotting but the thing every wedding consists of is, flowers. So, imagine a flower bed in the entry of the wedding gate as well as exit of the wedding gate. You can place the flowers on the side of the entry or exit path and you can also place the flowers on the floor of the entry. Although you can use any color or any type of flowers but if you want to choose the best one then you can fix the color coordination between the white and red coloured flowers. You can also place some decorative things like matka, lamps and diyas on the sides of the path.

You can use the archway in your wedding. It is one of the most beautiful ideas which you can use on the wedding gates. Be it the entry gate or it is the exit gate, you can use the ach way in both the places. You can decorate the archways with the flowers and balloons and trust me; you can not get away from its beauty. You can also make use of the hanging accessories, sturdy frames, drapes, lights, blooms, beaches and many more. Actually, the main thing is that you have a huge variety of options.

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You can decorate the pillars at the entry and exit of the wedding. Either you can use the flowers or light or you can use the hangings. In addition to this, you can make the innovation by setting up the connection between the flowers and lights. You can also use the flowers like the bunch of bananas in the corners of the entry.

Another most innovative idea is placing the sparklers. Do not try to confuse the wedding sparklers with the general sparklers because there is a lot of difference between them. You can use the 30 cm sparklers as well as 50 cm sparklers with quotes mentioned on it or you can also use the sparklers with the special messages on it like, “Here, The New Journey Begins” or “True Love” or “I Love You” and you can put a sparkler with the thanks message on the exit gate like “Thanks For Coming” etc. But always try to keep the children safe from the sparklers. Plus, buy them from the genuine dealers of the sparklers.

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