Role of printing in major industries – Evolution of printing


I am sure that, printing does not need any introduction at all. You might have heard about printing. Printing technology has been in practice for 400 years. It means that the printing technology was identified before 400 years.

The printing industry has gone through so many innovations in its printing method, colors used, machines used, and more. Foremost, the printing technology was using the hand press machine to print the labels on the wooden paperboard and this style of printing was used up to 200 years since the evolution of the printing technology.

Next, to hand press printing technology, the offset printing technology has grabbed its place on the market. In the offset printing technology, the litho press and offset printing machines were used to print calendars, notebooks, stationery printing, invitation printing, and more.

The offset printing methodology has set an example for the printing industry. Still now, in Sivakasi, you can find offset printing machines used for monthly calendar printing and daily sheet calendar printing. After a few years of the invention of offset printing, screen printing has evolved.

In screen printing, the printings such as labels, stickers, visiting cards, and more will be done. Still, screen printing is on the lift. Later on, the web printing methodology has been found.

The web printing press can print the gummed and self-adhesive tape. There are printing presses that do notebook binding services too. If you are in need to bind your kids’ notebooks, then you can hire the printing press that has been doing notebook binding at a cost-effective rate.

Now, offset printing has lost its chances due to the evolution of flux printing, banner printing, digital printing, and more. Now, everything will be printed with advanced technology.

Role of Printing in Major Industries

The printing has many roles to share here. We are gifted to get the essence of this technology. I would say that printing technology lets us share more information in a quick time by printing the information on a single sheet or paper.

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One of the best functions of printing is product packaging. Yes, you can find various styles and colors used to print on the product packaging box. The printing will be done according to the items that are going to be packed in the packing box.

You might have seen fluxes or boards on the road that let us know “danger” or gives us a warning sign to drive slower. The flux board printing will be done by the printing methods. No matter, either the printing technology is on the lift or not, but this kind of printing is something that you cannot avoid.

Of course, wedding invitation printing is something that matters a lot. Now, you can find wedding invitations in different colors, formats, and patterns. All these are possible because of the printing technology. What about flyers? Yes, flyers are used as a promotional tool. The flyers will be printed with advanced printing technology. Without a doubt, printing technology has limitless roles.

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