Role of Social Media in Job Search – Impacts of Digital Technology

social media
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social media

Traditional marketing is completely obsolete now and its demand for thousands of dollars. However, with the social media businesses can connect with their targeted customers for free, the only cost is energy and time.

We can see the increase in popularity day by day in Social Media. In Facebook, there are 1.86 Billion Active Monthly Users and the growth of social media is exceptional. As per recent insights

  1. Total Population – 7.476 Billion
  2. Internet Users – 3.773 Billion
  3. Active Social Media Users – 2.789 Billion
  4. Active Mobile Social Media Users – 2.549 Billion

One of the most attractive qualities of social marketing is the ease with which businesses can implement new campaigns, regardless of the size of the business. So, using the social media for the job search is a great way to boost your career growth. Let’s see about the social media and how it is useful for the job search in an efficient manner.


The world successful online network is Facebook. We can easily find the jobs and the recruiter will also find their qualified candidates. Being active in social media engaging with specific communities on Facebook is a great way to connect the people. There are various job posting groups on Facebook and you must be engaged with that members for a better opportunity. Eg. If you decided to choose your career path in project management first you need to join in the group like PMP certification in Chennai, Project management etc and then we can engage with the members of the group.


Twitter is the most conversational social platform and you can engage the business people or high-level executives directly. We can follow some business people ideas and when you’re looking for a job, a good percentage of your tweets, retweets and replies should focus on topics that are relevant to the companies you want to work for. Twitter can also be a smart way to contact recruiters and make connections with people who are working for potential employers.

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LinkedIn is a place where we can see both professionals and managers of the top reputed company. As per some insights, 79% of the recruiters hire through LinkedIn and nowadays if there are any job openings in the company the recruiter or HR managers targeting the LinkedIn audiences directly. If you’re interested in a particular job, try to locate and reach out the hiring manager via LinkedIn. Pursuing a dream profession and starting from scratch is a daunting prospect, especially when you have a lot to learn, but LinkedIn is a hub of business information that you could be using to your advantage.


Pinterest is one of the interesting social media where we can pin all the resources whichever we need. Many of them are active in Pinterest especially the designers. You can pin your resume on Pinterest board and also with some of the works which you did before. There might have a chance of recruiters to pick up your project from the Pinterest board then the opportunity will come to you easily without knocking the door.

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