Top Romantic Getaways in India – Destinations Every Couple Should Visit in 2019

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The world is full of beautiful destinations and India especially carries a serene beauty of places for you to visit. Traveling as a couple is a rare enjoyment and planning for a perfect getaway makes the journey to be more romantic. Create timeless memories with your loved one by planning for a visit to one of the top romantic spots in India. With the Valentine’s Day kicking in a couple of weeks you may make a promise to build your bonding with your partner. Below are the top places to travel around with your special one to make this 2019 a fantastic year.

Wayanad – Amongst Hills


Spend quality with your loved one in between the hills and far from the city in Wayanad, Kerala. The rural district in southwest India offers wonderful locations for couples to enjoy their time together. You can experience Wayanad wildlife sanctuary on a decent altitude sightseeing lovely animals and pass through the heavenly breeze of the hills.

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Coorg – Scotland of India

Coorg, a heavenly destination in India rightly nicknamed as the Scotland of India. Coorg is a favorite honeymoon destination for couples situated in the south India state of Karnataka. Roaming around the teak and sandalwood forests, foggy hills, a stretch of aromatic coffee and tea plantations.

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Goa – Romantic Beaches

Goa is a place which needs no introduction or an explanation due to its popularity of having romantic beaches in the Country. With the New Year celebrations passed by, it is best suitable for couples to plan for a quick vacation in this former Portuguese colony.

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Kanyakumari – Southernmost Tip

Witnessing the Bay of Bengal converge to the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea worth a watch  along with the beautiful sunrise and sunset you can enjoy as a couple. Kanyakumari often addressed as the southernmost tip of the country in reference to the continuity of land. Technically Andaman Nicobar Islands goes even south and it is the actually southernmost tip of the country.

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Lakshadweep – Tropical Archipalego

The Lakshadweep islands filled with blues and green as it is completely surrounded by sea off the Kerala coast. You can enjoy being in an isolated island filled with lush greenery and a handful of adventure activities as a couple on the ocean and the land. Landing at the Lakshadweep airport itself makes it a serene experience due to the way it has been designed and constructed between the oceans.

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