Rules for Professional Meetings: Etiquette

Rules for Professional Meetings: Etiquette

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Rules for professional meetings are something that every business person should know. There is a lot of etiquettes involved in meeting with clients or colleagues, and not following these rules can result in missed opportunities or even damaged relationships.

Rules for Professional Meetings: Etiquette
Rules for Professional Meetings: Etiquette

If you want to find out the rules that will help you be successful at your next meeting, read on!

Be on time.

Keep in mind that everyone else has a lot of things to do, and they may not know how long the meeting will last. Make sure you arrive on time and prepare ahead of time for the meeting. You don’t want to make someone else’s time waste by being late.

Make introductions.

If everyone hasn’t met one another in the meeting room, you should make introductions. This is best accomplished by beginning with the leader of the highest rank.

Have a strong agenda.

If you’re in charge of the meeting, make sure you have a strong agenda. This will help keep everyone on track and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts.

Sit appropriately.

If it’s a sit-down meeting, make sure your chair is positioned so that you’re at equal height with everyone else. Some people don’t change their seats, leaving them to act like the toddler in the meeting.

Speak up.

Make sure you’ve heard by all participants in the meeting. This means speaking up and not mumbling.

Don’t interrupt others.

Just as you don’t want to be interrupted, make sure you don’t interrupt others. Wait until someone is finished speaking before you start talking again.

Be aware of your body language.

Your body language is important in business meetings, so make sure you stand up straight and don’t cross your arms.

Do not have your phone out.

If you’re at a meeting, it means your phone should be off. If the meeting is very important or urgent, turn your phone to silent mode so that no one can disturb you with an incoming message.

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Clean up after yourself.

Make sure you clean up any messes and take away anything personal in order for all participants to feel comfortable.

Don’t save all your questions for the end.

If you have questions, don’t wait until the end of the meeting to ask them. This can disrupt the flow and prevent others from sharing their thoughts.

Be aware of your tone.

Your tone of voice can be just as important as the words you use during a meeting. Make sure you are aware of how you are coming across to others.


Follow these rules for professional meetings, and you’ll be sure to make a great impression!



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