SARAHAH was just another idea on the Internet for the past few months. The case is totally different now. It is currently trending on the Internet and of course we all should be using for the individual and the collective growth. In layman terms, it is website and an app which lets you receive anonymous messages from anyone. Your work is just to create a profile and share the link once in a common medium. This lets your self confidence, boosts your moral, livelihood and several other major aspects.

Source: InToday
Source: InToday

The messages you receive can be of anything irrespective of what you actually might be looking too. We strongly believe that this Idea could have easily mitigated many problems employees face in workplace and possibly that software engineer from Google could have been saved from getting fired for his remarks on diversity.



As mentioned above, SARAHAH is a beautiful idea at least we really do believe in that way. This app or website is totally trending on the internet because the inventor Mr. ZainAlabdin Tawfiq create this to solve a major problem faced in the real time of our lives.

Source: OfficeChai
Source: OfficeChai

He is a part-time developer from Saudi Arabia who have created this website to receive constructive feedback from friends, family, colleagues and even from random people on the Internet. Specifically, he stated there is a huge problem where the workplace environment faces due to letting them know other how they truly feel about their work, manager, or anything else.


One can definitely imagine more creative ideas for one’s productivity or growth hacking in real life with this fantastic app. Why? Because we are not really good at throwing our feedback about others directly on the face or sometimes not interested to bend down and help others with the advices or suggestions.

Say for an example, let us consider our lead character studying 2nd year in the college. He or she failed in the latest fun event and totally got himself messed up with the way the tactics or strategies have played out. Now with SARAHAH, he or she can just create a profile and share the profile link with her classmates.

Here the classmates can draft their personal feedback and send as a constructive message to you. This message might contain growth points, your mistakes, how you can adjust for betterment, how to overcome this issue, and anything that shed lights on your health and growth.



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