Secrets behind Mosquito coil – Strength of Starches

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Secrets behind Mosquito coilStarch, apart from being powerhouse of green plants, is a powerful compound which is being used in various commercial and industrial processes. Such a wide application of starch is that it has been used to come up with various retail and industrial products, both food and non-food. Starch is widely used in paper making, in manufacturing of clothing starch, corrugated board adhesives and many other products. Such a great applicability of this organic compound is that starch has found application in the manufacturing of mosquito coils.

Starch: A wonderful Organic Compound

  • Starch is a natural organic compound that is used to manufacture various food and non-food products. However, to increase the applicability of starch to produce products, starch is modified to starch derivatives by treating the organic starch chemically or enzymatically. Such modified starches are then added in the processes to produce variety of products. For instance, starch derivatives are used as stabilizer, emulsifier or thickening agent in food products. Organic or natural starch is also chemically modified to withstand excessive heat or cold, to vary its texture and viscosity.
  • For its wide range of application, starch is being increasingly used in different innovative ways and means. For instance, starch has found its application in oil exploration. Starch due to its inherent qualities is used to alter and level the drilling fluid viscosity which lubricates the drill head and improves its functionality. Similarly due to its viscous nature, starch is used to manufacture glues and adhesives. Yellow dextrin, a type of starch derivative, is treated chemically to prepare hard glue that is a very good adhesive for paper work.

Starch – An active ingredient of Mosquito Coil

  • Mosquito coils have been in the usage for quite some time. Mosquito coil is incense which acts as a mosquito repellent. Its invention is credited to a Japanese business man named EiichiroUeyama who developed and manufactured mosquito coil in late 1800s by mixing pyrethrum powder with saw dust. He manufactured incense sticks by mixing starch powder and pyrethrum powder with dried mandarin orange skin powder. Since then, the business of manufacturing mosquito coil has evolved and further developed with time, however, starch has remained as one of the active and effective ingredients of mosquito coil.
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You can find so many starch manufacturers online starch manufacturers who offer bulk sale of starch suitable for mosquito coil manufacturing and other production. These leading starch suppliers offer wholesale supplies of a range of starch types that include polymerized starch that is used in latex adhesive industry, modified starch used in corrugated industry as special additives, white and yellow dextrin used in industries such as textile and paint. There is no dearth of good quality starch manufacturers in India as you can easily find their contact information online and can place a query depending on type and quantity requirement of yours. You can choose from a variety of starch types available like modified or unmodified starch, corrugation gum and pasting powder and paper grade starch.

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