Secrets behind truck transportation – Efficient usage of tanks


Merely 1.7 million truck drivers snake through our country’s arterial highways who deliver everything from food products to construction materials to electronics. We may not think about this type of transportation but these long-haul truckers are key to keep our economic infrastructure running. So, if you own production or manufacturing unit you know that truck is one of the primary means of transporting raw materials and freights from one end to another.

Although maritime or railway transportation may be a useful solution for large freight volumes over long distances, everyone agrees that truck transportation will remain the predominant mode of cargo transportation for many years to come.

On account of this, there are different types of a truck that many of the ISO tank container manufacturers are using to transport goods from one place to another. Every truck has its own capabilities but the needs for the logistics department are specific.

Semi-Trailer Truck– It is most suitable for supplying the palletized cargo which can either be loaded from the back, from sideways and from above by removing the tent cover of the semi-trailer. The maximum capacity allowed is 24, 000 kg.

Jumbo Trailer Truck– Some of the ISO tank container exporters in India uses this type of truck for transporting voluminous goods. You can load cargo onto the jumbo trailer truck from the back, from the top, and also from the sides.

Straight Truck– These types of trucks are commonly used to transport home goods, furniture, and small items, and for expedited freight deliveries.

Whatever the types of truck you are using but it may benefit for several reasons and some of them are listed below.


As compared to other means of transportation like flight and trains, trucks are relatively cheaper and cost-effective. When you intend to use a truck for transporting freight to a shorter distance, you don’t have to pay too much, and your goods are delivered safely.

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Deliver Goods Faster

When you wish to transport goods from the manufacturing unit to a nearby seller’s unit, you can ensure that it is done quickly with the help of trucks. Other means of transportation such as flight and rail can experience delays because of multiple reasons, but the truck would not face such issues unless it suffers a breakdown.

Provide Door-to-door Delivery

Apart from quick delivery, trucks are also known to provide door to door delivery. These heavy equipment resources are capable of traveling into various areas irrespective of what type of road is available. This makes them extremely reliable and secure, and, the truck drivers know how to manage the freight.

Ensure Product Safety

Products delivered through trucks remains safe under any circumstances. Nowadays many trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking, you can view the location of the truck anywhere. This gives you a clear view of where your carriage met with an accident and how many products are lost in the mishap.


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